T is for Turtle: Paper Pasting Activity

T is for Turtle: Paper Pasting Activity from The Teaching Aunt

Teach your little tike the letter Tt through this tantalizing, terrific and tasteful activity- T is for Turtle: Paper Pasting Activity.

In preschool, it’s very important to have physical activities and usually we have this mixed with table work. This way, the children get to release bound energy and they they have focus during lesson time.

When I say physical activities, it’s not just about running, jumping, and all those strenuous movements. We also have slow exercises to help students to be more in control of their actions. 

Through these slow exercises, children get to stay in focus and they get to practice awareness as well- something that I think is very rare nowadays due to everything being instant and digital. 

My favorites are yoga and tai chi. I really notice the difference with my students after each session. 

When we do slow movements, we make sure to do it in a fun way to keep students engaged. We compare it with animal movements or we create a funny story (e.g. “Let’s walk like a turtle. Let’s do it ssllooooowwwlly…”

To maximize the activity, I also incorporate some letters or numbers lessons into the mix, (e.g. “Let’s walk like a turtle, /t/, /t/, /t/. Let’s take 5 slow steps. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.” Children love it and they also learn from it!

Guidelines on How to Teach the Letter Tt:

  1. Watch turtles. Say the word turtle while emphasizing on the beginning sound, /t/, /t/, /t/. 
  2. Show the flashcard for the letter Tt. Click here for free alphabet flashcards.
  3. Do the T is for Turtle: Paper Pasting Activity.
  4. Practice writing the letter Tt. Click here for free alphabet tracing worksheets.
  5. Color pictures of words that begin with the letter Tt. Click here for free alphabet coloring pages. 

T is for Turtle: Paper Pasting Activity


  • outline of a turtle
  • paper cut-outs
  • glue


  1. Paste the paper cut-outs on the rose outline. Try to stay within the lines.

Teacher’s Note:

Enjoy some slow and calming exercise with your child. This will help with his focus and attention.

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T is for Turtle: Paper Pasting Activity from The Teaching Aunt

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