Alphabet Tracing Without Lines Free Printable

Alphabet Tracing Without Lines Free Printable

Without further ado, here is the Alphabet Tracing Without Lines Free Printable that I’ll be giving away today.

Alphabet Tracing Without Lines Free Printable

After doing numerous activities that build on your child’s fine motor skills such as the following:

Your child may be ready to go up the next level. He/she may now be ready to do tracing activities. A pre-academic skill that would definitely put your child at an advantage when exposed early.

Just make sure that your child is ready and willing to do this activity. Otherwise. it won’t be beneficial as we want it to be.

These tracing pages come with uppercase and lowercase letters so children would learn the matching letters. There’s also a picture representing each alphabet to further help children remember the letters.

These pictures serve as visual aids to children to help them connect letter sound and names. There is also a label at the bottom of the picture to help children associate written words with pictures.

And most importantly, there are dotted letters at the bottom without lines so your child can practice writing the letters from A to Z! That is the big difference in this set of alphabet tracing printables.

Some children may find tracing confusing when there are grid lines- the top, middle, and bottom lines that serve as guidelines for them to help them learn about letter boundaries.

For beginning writers, it’s actually advisable to have tracing lines without the grids. So they can just focus on the writing stroke. And once they are familiar with the way letters are written, then they may proceed learning with the grid lines.

Click here to for the alphabet tracing free printable with lines.

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Alphabet Tracing Without Lines Free Printable

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