Tracing Lines Worksheets

tracing lines worksheets

Does your child need tracing worksheets to practice on? Here is The Teaching Aunt’s Free Tracing Lines Worksheets Free Printable.

tracing lines worksheets

Before writing letters and/or numbers can happen for your child, she must begin with straight and curved lines first.

Thus, it is important to work on tracing dotted lines worksheets. 

Working on basic lines and curves will help your child have an easier time writing letters and numbers in the future. 

However, I suggest doing more practical activities to help your child develop his fine motor skills before even working on tracing activities. 

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Practical Fine Motor Skills Activities for Children

1.Hand Exercises

Have your child do open and close movements with his hands. This simple movement exercise will help him develop his writing muscles. It is also a great warm-up before doing fine motor activities. 

2. Play with playdough

Playdough is a truly versatile toy. It fosters creativity and improves fine motor skills at the same time. 

Possibilities are endless with this moldable toy. You can do free-hand molding or you can choose to have a more structured play by encouraging your child to follow a fixed shape or pattern. 

Click here for free alphabet playdough mats.

3. Do lacing 

My nephew loves lacing toys. He is fascinated with the animal shapes and he enjoys threading the stick through the holes.

I love lacing toys, too, for the same reasons.
In addition, I highly recommend lacing toys because they are great for improving children’s fine motor skills.

And it can also be used for other knowledge objectives such as making patterns, learning about shapes and colors, counting, one-to-one correspondence and more!

4. Play with fridge magnets

Your little one will definitely have fun with this activity. As he moves the magnets around the fridge, your child gets to exercise his fingers, hands and wrist muscles. 

In turn, he’ll have strong muscles that could help him as he writes in the future. 

5. Get wet with sponge and water spray

These two household items are wonderful for fine motor development. 

Squeezing the sponge and spraying/watering plants are two outdoor activities that are proven fun and helpful in improving your child’s hand muscles. 

6. Color, color, color

At the beginning of your child’s adventure to using coloring materials, I would suggest that you just let your child do his thing. 

Let him go beyond the lines and use odd color combinations. The important thing here is he’s familiarising himself with how to use coloring/writing tools. 

Eventually, as your child becomes better at controlling the crayon, his coloring quality will also improve. 

Now that your child displays strong hand and wrist muscles, it is time to move on to more complex fine motor activities. 

It is now time for these tracing pages. This free printable comes in PDF format so it’s easy to download and print. 

Each page was carefully thought of. Line strokes come with visual cues so your child will know where to start and end. 

The worksheets also display writing strokes in basic directions- horizontal, vertical, curved and spiral. These basic strokes are in preparation for when they are already writing actual letters and numbers in the future. 

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tracing lines worksheets

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  1. Thank you for this free and educational outputs. These activities will help my son in learning to write. Hoping for more. Thank you again and God bless.

      1. I just downloaded traceable sheets for my 3 year old kid and they are very helpful and sorted. I’m loving it and my boy is super excited 😊

  2. I just downloaded a few of your free traceable sets and I’m super excited to try them out with my 5 year old! Especially while we are stuck at home due to COVID-19 hopefully this will help keep us productive and help prep us for Kindergarten in the fall! 🙂

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