O is for Orange: Paper Pasting Activity

O is for Orange: Paper Pasting Activity from The Teaching Aunt

Oh! Oh! Oh! Let’s get ready for this original letter- O is for Orange: Paper Pasting Activity with free copy the color worksheet. Download now!

Letter O Art and Craft Activities

I have always liked incorporating eating activities in my lessons. And my preschoolers seem to like it, too!

This is an easy way to have fun while learning, plus the retention is higher. I also like it because I get to teach them about proper nutrition. I get to teach them about healthy food without straying far from the target lesson. It’s basically two lessons in one!

For today’s activity, you might want to give it a try. Just mention to your child that oranges are rich in vitamin C. And when they eat it regularly, they will become strong and they won’t get sick easily. Don’t be surprised if you hear them talking about vitamin C to their friends or siblings a couple of days after. 

Here are other activities that you may try with your child to learn about the letter Oo: 

  1. Eat oranges
  2. Prepare and eat onion rings- (Make sure to take note of the shape of the onion rings)
  3. Make CD Octopus art and craft
  4. Watch a video about octopus and otters
  5. Do O is for Orange: Paper Pasting Activity

Guidelines on How to Teach the Letter Oo:

  1. Eat oranges. Say the word orange while emphasizing on the beginning sound, /o/, /o/, /o/.
  2. Show the flashcard for the letter Oo. Click here for free alphabet flashcards.
  3. Do the O is for Orange: Paper Pasting Activity.
  4. Practice writing the letter Oo. Click here for free alphabet tracing worksheets.
  5. Color pictures of words that begin with the letter Oo. Click here for free alphabet coloring pages. 

O is for Orange: Paper Pasting Activity


  • outline of an orange
  • paper cut-outs
  • glue


  1. Paste the paper cut-outs on the orange outline. Try to stay within the lines.

Teacher’s Note:

Incorporating eating activities to your lessons make it more fun. Plus the retention is higher.

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Copy the Color Worksheet: O is for Orange

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