Alphabet Flashcards with Pictures of Concrete Objects

Alphabet Flashcards with Concrete Objects Freebie

Help your child learn about the letters through these Alphabet Flashcards with Pictures of Concrete Objects from The Teaching Aunt.

When teaching children something new, it is always advisable to begin with something concrete.

Concrete objects or experiences are things that can be perceived by the senses. It means something that children can see, smell, hear, taste and manipulate.

And if you can make use of all the senses, the better!

Concrete objects can help young children develop better connections with what they already know or have experience of and the new concept that you’ll be introducing.

Alphabet Wall Cards Free Printable

In this post, I want to share with you alphabet flashcards sets with pictures of concrete objects.

Since I can’t send you the actual objects (because the internet isn’t that advance yet 😛 ), I will share with you the next best thing- flashcards with concrete pictures. 😀

These flashcard sets are great for introducing letters and sounds.

I recommend the following tips to help you maximize the use of these flashcards:

  • Print the flashcards on letter-sized paper (board paper is better, or you may also laminate), post them on the wall at children’s eye level.
  • Point to the uppercase and lowercase letters and say their names.
  • Point to the picture of the concrete object and say its name. Emphasize on the beginning sound.
    • Example: This is an apple. /a/ /a/ apple!
  • Show your child the actual object as you teach him/her (only if possible). If you can’t bring an elephant to your house for your child to touch, no one will judge you. 😛 
  • Assign a “Letter of the Day”. This way you don’t overwhelm your child with all the 26 letters.

As a preschool teacher, I would say that letter instruction need not be limited to flashcards and table activities.

The following are fun complement to your letter instruction:

  • Games
    • Matching letters
    • Matching letters and pictures with same beginning sound
    • Touch the Letter (like Touch the Color game)
  • Field Trips
    • Zoo
    • Grocery
    • Mall
    • Restaurants
    • Farm

The more you expose your child, the easier for him/her to make the connection between his/her experiences and what you are teaching. And this actually holds true for all the other areas of learning.

Click here for other free alphabet flashcards sets printable.

Here are the three sets of alphabet flashcards with pictures of concrete objects. The sets come in different style. Choose the set that best complements the activities that you have in mind for your child. Or just download all! 😀

Alphabet Lesson Video

To further help your child learn about the alphabet, you might want to check out this educational video. This alphabet video is all about letters Ff to Jj. And it comes with a quiz at the end to check your child’s comprehension and knowledge of the featured letters. 

This video covers the following learning objectives:

  • recognize the alphabet
  • identify uppercase and lowercase letters
  • name objects that begin with a specific letter
  • identify beginning letter
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Alphabet Flashcards with Pictures of Concrete Objects

Alphabet Flashcards with Concrete Photos -Bold Letters

Alphabet Flashcards with Concrete Photos with Tracing Free Printable

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  9. I love flash cards and they are very efficient. I used to use them with my peanut when he was learning both languages. Great post thanks!

  10. One of my little nephews is taking in the letter set at school and appears to be extremely amped up for it and enlightening me regarding it. I will investigate fusing a few cheat sheets for him.

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  12. I remember when I was at that age, when you start learning about the alphabet, our teacher did have flash cards with objects and our school book was similar. It’s so much easier to learn when you have visuals.

  13. Flashcard are effective I have to agree, it show improvement in memory for the child through repetition. It can be used any where especially when you travel with young one, at the car, plane or train. Children love it too.

  14. One of my little nephews is learning the alphabet at school and seems really excited about it and telling me about it. I will look into incorporating some flashcards for him.

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