Numbers Flashcards Ten Frame

Numbers Flashcards Ten Frame

I’m not quite done yet with my freebies. Here is the Numbers Flashcards Ten Frame!

Numbers Flashcards Ten Frame

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Why Use A Ten Frame?

A ten frame is a simple yet fantastic tool that allows children to “see” numbers in relation to their face value- ones and tens.

Having a strong sense of ten is a basic foundational concept. Children who have mastery of this concept would find it easy to move on to more complex mathematical concepts such as addition, subtraction and others.

That’s why it’s one of the most used visual tool in my classroom! I have one giant ten frame in my class that serves as one of the prominent displays in my big group area. 😀

When using  ten frame as a visual cue, children can easily see number facts, like 8 is “3 more than 5”. Or that 7 is “5 and 2 more”, and as “3 away from 10.”

Once children are able to visualize numbers 1 to 10, it will then be easy for them to manipulate those numbers and they can further extend these relations to bigger numbers.

Cool, right? To be able to see numbers as a visual information rather than just some arbitrary symbols!

Teacher’s Confession: I learned more about number facts when I was already teaching preschool students. And it’s largely because of mastering the ten frame.

Try it for yourself. Download the number flashcards ten frame and see how easy it is to teach numbers!

Just click on the link below to download numbers flashcards ten frame.

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Numbers Flashcards Ten Frame

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  1. THANK YOU! These are great for my preschooler who is out due to the pandemic. You are a blessing!

  2. Great worksheets to help my child and students work on their skills as they learn the numbers. I love how big the numbers are so they can also trace them using their own fingers. Way to go! 🙂

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