Math Worksheets for Kindergarten

Math Flashcards and Worksheets for Kindergarten

Make math fun and engaging with these math worksheets for kindergarten from The Teaching Aunt. These math printables include numbers 1-20 flashcards, numbers tracing worksheets, comparing sizes worksheets, shapes flashcards, patterns worksheets, number words and so much more!

And you are in luck because we are constantly adding to this collection of learning materials to help you and your child love math!

Math Worksheets for Kindergarten PDF

Math Worksheets for Kindergarten PDF

Math is an essential subject that teaches children important skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, and logical reasoning. 

The good news is that math can be enjoyable! By using worksheets, you can help your preschoolers build a strong foundation in math while having fun!

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Kindergarten Math Worksheets

Let’s explore the four areas of math that these worksheets cover: geometry, number sense, measurement, and logic.


Geometry is all about shapes, sizes, and spatial relationships. Here are some free printable geometry worksheets from The Teaching Aunt that your preschoolers will love:

basic shapes flashcards

Learn about basic shapes through these shapes flashcards in pdf format. 

cute shapes flashcards

These shapes flashcards can also double as emotions flashcards!

tracing shapes worksheets

Develop your child’s fine motor skills through these shapes tracing worksheets.

shapes game cards

Or master the shapes by engaging in a fun game using these shapes game cards!

counting shapes worksheets

Practice your child’s counting skills with these counting shapes worksheets.

Kindergarten Measurement Worksheets


Measurement is all about comparing sizes and quantities. Your child can practice using these preschool worksheets. 

comparing length worksheets

Learn about long and short with these comparing length worksheets.

big or small worksheets

Differentiate between big and small with these comparing size worksheets. 

comparing sizes worksheets

Master big, bigger, biggest, small, smaller, and smallest with these comparing sizes worksheets. 

Kindergarten Pattern Worksheets


Logic is all about patterns and reasoning. Check out these math worksheets for children to help your learn critical thinking and logical reasoning. 

matching shapes worksheets
Further your child’s knowledge of basic shapes through these Matching Shapes Worksheets.
shapes and patterns

Boost your child’s knowledge about shapes and patterns through these Shapes and Patterns Worksheets.

cut and match shapes

Level up your child’s knowledge about shapes through these Cut and Match Shapes Worksheets.

colors and shapes and matching worksheets

Test your child’s knowledge about colors and shapes through these Matching Colors Worksheets!

color chart

Identify colors and sort them accordingly  using these Color Chart worksheets. 

Numbers Flashcards

Number Sense

Number sense is all about understanding numbers and their relationships. These free math printables include: numbers 1 -20 flashcards, tracing number worksheets, numbers play dough mats, and counting worksheets. 

numbers flashcards

Recognize numbers, count objects and read number words with these numbers flashcards.

numbers 1-10 flashcards

These numbers 1-10 flashcards will help your child with number recognition, counting and reading number words.

1-10 flashcards

These numbers flashcards 1-10 are perfect for recognizing numbers and counting objects.

ten frame flashcards

Learn about numbers 1 to 10 through these ten frame flashcards. Perfect for pre-k, preschool and kindergarten kids!

numbers 1-20 flashcards

Apple-themed math flashcards to help your child recognize numerals 1-20, read number words, and count objects.

numbers playdough mats

Monster-themed math worksheets to help your child recognize numerals 1-20, read number words, and count objects. 

Tracing Numbers Worksheets

tracing numbers worksheets

Trace and color numbers through these tracing numbers worksheets. Simple yet effective worksheets for children. 

number tracing worksheets

Count objects, read number words and trace numbers 1 to 10 through these number tracing worksheets.

tracing 1-10 worksheets

Color, count objects, read number words and trace numbers through these tracing numbers worksheets.

tracing numbers 1-10

Identify numerals, count objects, read number words and trace numbers through these tracing numbers 1-10 worksheets!

numbers 1-20 tracing worksheets

Apple-themed math worksheets to help your child practice tracing numbers 1-20, read number words, and count objects.

tracing worksheets 1-20

Blocks-themed math worksheets to help your child practice tracing numbers 1-20, read number words, and count objects. 

more or less worksheets

Help your child learn the concept of more or less through these preschool worksheets – More or Less Worksheets Free Printable!

missing numbers worksheets

Test your child’s knowledge on number sequence through these free preschool printable- Free Missing Numbers Worksheets!

Counting Worksheets for Kindergarten

counting objects worksheets

 It’s time to level up your child’s number skills by working on these free counting objects worksheets!

counting seeds worksheets

Have fun learning about numbers through these summer-themed free printable- Watermelon Seeds Counting Worksheets!

vegetables counting worksheets

Elevate your child’s number skills through these Vegetable-Themed Math Worksheets from The Teaching Aunt.

valentine's day counting worksheets

Master counting and numbers through these Valentine’s Day Math Worksheets from The Teaching Aunt.

transportation counting worksheets

Master numbers and one-to-one correspondence through these Transportation Counting Worksheets.


farm animals counting worksheets

Combine science and math with these Farm Animals Counting Worksheets from The Teaching Aunt. 


wild animals counting worksheets

Check how much your child knows about numbers and wild animals through these WILD ANIMALS COUNTING WORKSHEETS. 


sea creatures counting worksheets

Practice counting and identify different sea creatures through these SEA ANIMALS COUNTING WORKSHEETS from The Teaching Aunt.


pet animals counting worksheets

Help develop your child’s math skills through these Pet Animals Counting Worksheets from The Teaching Aunt. 


community helpers counting worksheets

Identify people in our community and practice counting through these Community Helpers-themed worksheets.

clothing counting worksheets

Identify clothings, count objects and write numbers using these clothing-themed math worksheets. 

Christmas counting worksheets

Enjoy the holiday and practice counting with these CHRISTMAS- THEMED COUNTING WORKSHEETS.

Using Math Worksheets with Kindergarten Children

Now that you have a variety of free printable math worksheets, here are some tips to successfully use them:

  • Make it fun: Turn math into a game by incorporating counting, sorting, and matching.
  • Use real-life objects: Use everyday objects like toys or snacks to help your child understand concepts like addition and subtraction. 
  • Keep it short: Attention spans can be short at this age, so keep the math math activities short and sweet!
  • Provide positive reinforcement: Celebrate your child’s progress and efforts to build their confidence in math.

Remember, preschoolers learn best through play, so make sure to incorporate plenty of hands-on activities and games to reinforce the concepts they’re learning through these math worksheets. 

That’s it for now. Visit my Free Printable Page for more!

More Free Math Printables For Kindergarten

  • Addition Cards – These simple addition cards will help your child practice putting numbers together vertically. 
  • Subtraction Worksheets – Free subtraction worksheets for kindergarten.
  • Numbers Posters – Help your child identify and count numbers 1 to 20 through these star-themed math flashcards.
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Last Updated: December 25, 2023

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  1. These math worksheets for kindergarten provide a solid foundation by incorporating engaging activities that make learning enjoyable and effective for young minds.

  2. These MATH WORKSHEETS by theteachingaunt are very helpful for my nephews and nieces. I highly recommend this for fast and effective learning. ♥️

  3. Hi Teaching Aunt!
    My nephew has been counting and has been really enjoying counting. So, I was recently browsing your worksheets and came across your Math counting worksheets. I love the Christmas theme ones, it will make counting more enjoyable. Thank you so much!!!

  4. I want to compliment the math worksheets available for kids. The resources from MATH WORKSHEETS are incredibly helpful for supporting my daughter’s math skills. The wide range of printable worksheets, covering various math topics and aligned with educational standards, makes my daugther easier to practice and improve her math abilities.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words. I’m happy that you find our free math worksheets for preschool helpful. And yes, we have a wide range of educational printables to help parents and teachers provide quality worksheets and flashcards for their kids. Happy learning!

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