Alphabet Flashcards Free Printable

Alphabet Flashcards Free Printable


Learn and master the letters through these cute and colorful Alphabet Flashcards Free Printable from The Teaching Aunt.

Learning the alphabet is one of the foundational skills in preschool. And it also involves different skills. It is so basic that one can’t progress to the next level without mastering all 26 of them. 

Alphabet Learning Objectives

  • recognize and identify letters in uppercase and lowercase forms
  • Sound out letters
  • Write uppercase and lowercase letters

Alphabet Flashcards Free Printable

Once your child has conquered all these learning objectives, he can now begin to learn how to read.
Imagine that transition- from knowing single letters to blending them and reading actual words!
That’s why it’s important to introduce the alphabet in a fun and engaging way.
We should make their first experience happy and positive so they’ll be excited and motivated to learn.
I will share below my tried and tested teaching techniques.

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How To Teach the Alphabet to Preschoolers

  1. Sing alphabet songs- children love singing. And I have yet to meet a child who doesn’t know the ABC song! So I suggest that you make this the springboard to teach your child the letters. 
  2. Teach the letters one at a time- there are different systems and orders to teach letters. Find the one that best works for your child. Doing it in alphabetical order is the traditional way of going about it. The most important thing is to focus on one letter at a time. 
  3. Learn the letters with all the senses- activate all your child’s senses while learning the alphabet. Seeing the letter formation and learning the phonetic sounds are already given. Try out other things like eat alphabet cereals (sense of taste), work on sandpaper letters (sense of touch), or smell objects that begin with the letter your child is learning (sense of smell.)
  4. Do arts and crafts activities- consider making posters for each letter of the alphabet. Once your child is finished with all 26 he can have an exhibit for the whole family. 
  5. Move to learn- assign movements for each letter. It will help your child remember the letter names and sounds. Who says muscle memory is only for riding a bike?

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I hope you’ll be successful in teaching your child using the following techniques I have mentioned. 

Now you may be wondering about what instructional materials you can use. 

Don’t worry. The Teaching Aunt got you covered!

In this blog post, I will share three alphabet flashcard sets that you can download and print. 

The Teaching Aunt’s Free Alphabet Flashcards

You will love these flashcards for the following reasons:

  • cute and colorful pictures of words that begin with the featured letters
  • Big and bold letter typeface
  • Assorted frames to suit your taste
  • Perfect printing size for different learning activities such as drills, games, and decors

How To Use the Alphabet Flashcards

  1. Print and laminate so you can use them longer. It is practical if you’re teaching your cute toddler. We all know how they like to grab and crumple everything. 
  2. Use it as game cards. Play games like Bingo and GoFish. Or you may also play a matching game. Just print the cards twice. 
  3. Post them on the wall as decors. The Teaching Aunt’s alphabet flashcards are beautiful and colorful. They make fantastic decors/ learning materials. 

Alphabet Flashcards Free Printable:

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Now click the button below to get the Alphabet Flashcards Free Printable so your child can start learning the letters in a fun and cute way!

Free Alphabet Worksheets

Black and White Frame

Alphabet Flashcards Blue Red and Green Frame

Blue and Red Frame

Alphabet Flashcards Green and Red Frame

Green and Red Frame

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Or just visit my Free Printable Page for more!

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Alphabet Flashcards Free Printable

Alphabet Flashcards Free Printable
Alphabet Flashcards Free Printable
Alphabet Flashcards Free Printable
Alphabet Flashcards Free Printable
Alphabet Flashcards Free Printable

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