Alphabet Coloring Pages Free Printable

Alphabet Coloring Pages Free Printable

Have your little one master the letters AND develop his fine motor skills through these Alphabet Coloring Pages Free Printable.

Alphabet Coloring Pages Free Printable

My preschoolers love coloring. I think it’s their second favorite activity. Playing being on the top spot, of course. That’s why I’m giving away these free preschool worksheets.

Coloring may be considered a quiet activity. At least, that is what I noticed in my classroom. A lot of times, my students would automatically quiet down as they find themselves engrossed in what they are doing. 

And as a teacher, I truly appreciate that. Moment of peace… No matter how short-lived is always welcome. 

In addition, this simple activity is also therapeutic. It helps students focus and just be mindful of every stroke that they are doing. Same goes for adults. That’s why don’t be surprised if you see me quietly coloring with my students. 

Teacher Nessy needs down time, too!

Aside from having some peace and quiet, I also love how coloring helps my students develop their fine motor skills. While they are having fun, they are unknowingly strengthening their hand and wrist muscles.

The result- they are more than ready when the time comes for them to write. They show little to no difficulty forming the lines and curves to form letters and numbers. 

Click here for more fine motor skills activities for children.

Of course, coloring is great for fostering creativity and imagination, too. Just check your child’s work. Wouldn’t it be nice to see a purple bunny IRL (in real life)? How about a polka-dotted apple? Right?!

Well then, let’s recap. We all agree that coloring packs a lot of benefits for children. The reasons are as follows:

  1. Helps children focus and be mindful
  2. Develops fine motor skills
  3. Fosters creativity and imagination
  4. Therapeutic

You might also find this interesting- Benefits of Coloring for Children. Hint: This post comes with free coloring worksheets, too!

Alphabet Coloring Pages Free Printable

I have recently finished a series on letter art activities. And I included a free letter coloring worksheet on each post. So I suggest you check out those posts as well. 

You can never have enough coloring pages, right? So feel free to download them all. 🙂

Below is the list of words included in this post’s freebie. I will include the link to individual letter posts in case you also want those free coloring pages.

A is for Apple / Alligator

B is for Bag / Butterfly

C is for Cup / Cat

D is for Dice / Dinosaur

E is for Envelope / Elephant

F is for Fire / Flower

G is for Gate / Gumball Machine

H is for Hand / House

I is for Ill / Ice cream

J is for Jam / Jellyfish

K is for Koala / King

L is for Lemon / Lamp

M is for Moon / Monster

N is for Nose / Night

O is for Ostrich

P is for Penguin / Piano

Q is for Quiz / Queen

R is for Ring / Rabbit

S is for Sock / Snake

T is for Tooth / Train

U is for Umbrella

V is for Vest / Volcano

W is for Wagon

X is for X-ray / Xylophone

Y is for Yarn / Yacht

Z is for Zipper / Zebra

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  1. Oh my gosh, this is amazing! My son is 21 months old and loves coloring. We’re potty training this week, and I’m taking the opportunity to really work on letters and numbers and colors, and this is going to be just perfect! Thank you!!

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