Numbers Flashcards Pencil Counters

Numbers Flashcards Pencil Counters

Today, I’ll be sharing with you my favorite back-to-school themed flashcards- Numbers Flashcards Pencil Counters!

Numbers Flashcards Pencil Counters

Click here for Numbers Flashcards Ten Frame

I love flashcards! And through the years I’ve already collected quite a lot.

Here are the reasons why I love flashcards:

  • Great visual aid
  • Varies depending on the theme
  • May be used on different activities
  • Can double as classroom decor
  • Promotes independent work

Numbers Flashcards Pencil Counters are my favorite back-to-school themed flashcards because I can easily make use of the pencils we have in the classroom as concrete counters!

Well, I do love my flashcards, but as a preschool teacher, I still believe in using real objects when teaching. Children learn better this way. ๐Ÿ™‚

Once they have a good association of the concept using concrete objects, I then further support their learning by using cute flashcards!

The transfer of knowledge from concrete (real objects) to abstract (flashcards) is also a good way of assessing whether the child really understood the lesson.

And if your child loves learning through videos, then you’re in for a treat. Check out The Teaching Aunt’s counting objects video. I’m sure your child will enjoy counting the cute school supplies cliparts. It does with a quiz tie section, too!

Let’s Learn Numbers from 1 to 10 Video

If you’re done watching the counting from 1 to 10 video, here is the numbers flashcards pencil counter, yours for free!

Just click on the link below.

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Numbers Flashcards Pencil Counters

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  1. Thank you dear teaching auntie,I love all the freebies and am gonna use them in my class for the little ones bless you

  2. Thank you so much!
    All are so much helpful for my pupils with Special Educational Needs!

    Teacher Jen:-)

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