Free Missing Numbers Worksheets

Free Missing Numbers Worksheets

Test your child’s knowledge on number sequence through these free preschool printable- Free Missing Numbers Worksheets!

Free Missing Numbers Worksheets

Identifying and writing numbers are two basic math skills that preschoolers are expected to master early in the school year. 

Developing these skills is crucial as all future math topics are dependent on their understanding of the basics. 

As teachers or parents, it is our responsibility to come up with different activities so our little ones can master counting, identifying and writing numbers while ultimately developing the love for learning. 

To teach basic math skills, I always go for simple, fun and engaging tasks, such as:

  • Counting “unusual” objects- things that are not normally found in the child’s immediate environment like seasonal fruits, spare parts, things found in nature, etc… Children find the novelty of these items exciting and interesting so they’re more inclined to stay on-task. 
  • Writing on special media- writing on sand or sandpaper, or even wet brush on drywall feels more special than just writing on plain paper
  • Displaying cute wall cards with counters on strategic places where children spend most of their time at

Also, once I see the children are ready, I encourage them to answer worksheets. One or two a day is more than enough for them to review their math skills. 

For this post’s free printable, I’ll be sharing my trusted number sequence worksheets. These free worksheets target the three foundational math skills namely: counting, identifying and writing numbers. 

The instruction is very straightforward- write the missing numbers. It’s that simple. 

Each page comes with cute counters so children will feel more excited to work and focus. 

Again, these math worksheets are in PDF format and come in two sets- colored and black and white. They’re so easy to download and print. All you need to do is decide which set would best complement your objectives. 

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Free Missing Numbers Worksheets

Teacher’s Note:

To teach basic math skills, go for simple, fun, and engaging activities. 

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