Free Missing Numbers Worksheets

Free Missing Numbers Worksheets

Test your child’s knowledge about number sequence through these free preschool printables- Free Missing Numbers Worksheets! These write the missing numbers worksheets include 1-10, 1-20, and 1-50. Download these free math worksheets now!

missing numbers worksheets free

Write The Missing Numbers

Identifying and writing numbers are two basic math skills that preschoolers are expected to master early in the school year. 

Developing these skills is crucial as all future math topics are dependent on their understanding of the basics. 

As teachers or parents, it is our responsibility to come up with different activities so our little ones can master counting, identifying and writing numbers while ultimately developing the love for learning. 

Missing numbers worksheets are fantastic tools for helping children develop their number sense and math skills in a fun and engaging way. 

As The Teaching Aunt, I’m excited to share with you the benefits of these worksheets and how they can support your child’s learning journey.

Number Sequence

How To Teach Numbers Sequence

To teach basic math skills, I always go for simple, fun and engaging tasks, such as:

  • Counting “unusual” objects- things that are not normally found in the child’s immediate environment like seasonal fruits, spare parts, things found in nature, etc… Children find the novelty of these items exciting and interesting so they’re more inclined to stay on-task. 
  • Writing on special media- writing on sand or sandpaper, or even wet brush on drywall feels more special than just writing on plain paper
  • Displaying cute wall cards with counters on strategic places where children spend most of their time at
  • Also, once I see the children are ready, I encourage them to answer worksheets. One or two a day is more than enough for them to review their math skills. 

Benefits of Number Sequence Worksheets

Missing numbers worksheets offer a range of benefits for children:

  • Strengthening number sense: By filling in the missing numbers in sequences, children learn to recognize numerical patterns and relationships.
  • Improving math fluency: Regular practice with missing numbers activities helps children quickly recall and identify numbers, enhancing their overall math fluency.
  • Enhancing problem-solving skills: Solving missing numbers puzzles encourages critical thinking and logical reasoning as children work to identify and fill in the missing numbers.

Missing Numbers 1 to 10

Missing Numbers 1 to 20

Fill in the Missing Numbers

Types of Missing Numbers Worksheets

There are various types of missing numbers worksheets available, including:

  • Fill in the missing numbers: Children fill in the missing numbers in sequences, such as counting forwards or backwards.
  • Number line activities: Worksheets involve number lines where children identify and fill in missing numbers to complete the sequence.
  • Skip counting exercises: These worksheets focus on skip counting by filling in the missing numbers in sequences like 2, 4, __, 8, 10.

Age Appropriateness and Grade Levels

Missing numbers worksheets are suitable for preschool, kindergarten, and early elementary school students. They can be differentiated based on skill levels and grade levels to accommodate various learners’ needs.

Missing Numbers 1 to 50

How to Use Missing Numbers Worksheets

There are several ways to incorporate missing numbers worksheets into your child’s learning routine:

  • Integrate into math lessons: Use missing numbers worksheets as part of your math curriculum and lesson plans to reinforce concepts.
  • Assign as homework or extra practice: Parents and teachers can assign missing numbers worksheets as homework or additional practice activities to reinforce learning at home.
  • Use in math centers or stations: Set up hands-on learning centers or stations where children can work on missing numbers worksheets independently or in small groups.
Free Missing Numbers Worksheets

For this post’s free printable, I’ll be sharing my trusted number sequence worksheets. These free worksheets target the three foundational math skills namely: counting, identifying and writing numbers. 

The instruction is very straightforward- write the missing numbers. It’s that simple. 

Each page comes with cute counters so children will feel more excited to work and focus. 

Again, these math worksheets are in PDF format and come in two sets- colored and black and white. They’re so easy to download and print. All you need to do is decide which set would best complement your objectives. 

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Free Missing Numbers Worksheets

Missing numbers worksheets are valuable resources for helping children develop their number sense, math fluency, and problem-solving skills in an enjoyable way.

As parents and teachers, incorporating these worksheets into children’s learning routines can support their mathematical development and set them up for success in the future.

Let’s make math learning fun and engaging with missing numbers worksheets!

Oh! And if you want to get a copy of the old tracing worksheets, just click on the link below. ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Free Missing Numbers Worksheets PDF

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