More or Less Worksheets Free Printable

More or Less Worksheets Free Printable

Help your child learn the concept of more or less through these preschool freebie- More or Less Worksheets Free Printable!

More or Less Worksheets Free Printable

Rote counting is the most basic number concept that preschoolers learn. It’s really simple and easy as it only involves reciting numbers in sequence.

Be that as it may, rote counting is considered a foundational math skill. All other concepts would build upon a child’s mastery of number sequence. 

Like in the case of more or less, a child has to have strong counting skills and one-to-one correspondence. 

Good thing there are so many ways to strengthen children’s numbers skills- particularly rote counting, one-to-one correspondence, and understanding more or less. 

Below are some practical activities that you may do with your child:

  1. Count every chance you get- Count while walking, eating, bathing and playing. Don’t limit counting in the classroom. Make it part of your child’s daily life. 
  2. Be mindful when you count- Aside from doing regular rote counting, you may also ask your child to practice one-to-one correspondence by making sure she only pairs one object to one count. 
  3. Different settings, different counters- Try to count different objects at different places. Doing this will excite your child as it’s not the usual. Isn’t it more exciting to count cabbages at the grocery store than the picture of objects on paper? (Plus this practice will also help your child understand that counting is important in our daily lives. It’s a transferable skill that’s vital for them to master. 
  4. Compare sets- While eating, you may encourage your child to count his food and compare it with yours. Be sure to emphasize on comparing words: greater than, less than, more, less and equal. 
  5. Play dice games- Toss a giant die and have your child say the amount. Do it many times and have your child compare the number of dots that he cast previously. 

There you go! These are just a couple of activities that you may do with your child to improve his number skills. 

The key is to make counting and learning math skills as natural and consistent as possible. 

On the other hand, answering worksheets can also help your child master number skills- like in the case of this post’s free printable. 

These free preschool worksheets are in PDF format so they’re easy to download and print. Just choose the set which you’d like your child to work on: colored or black and white. 

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More or Less Worksheets Free Printable

Teacher’s Note:

Make counting and learning math skills as natural and consistent as possible. 

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