Free Comparing Lengths Worksheets

Free Comparing Lengths Worksheets

Reviewing about short and long while improving your child’s fine motor skills has never been this fun and cute- Free Comparing Lengths Worksheets!

Free Comparing Lengths Worksheets

After learning about big and small most curriculum usually follow with a topic on short and long. 

Just like sizes, the lesson on lengths is very visual. And it involves two or more objects for comparison (because obviously). Otherwise, you won’t be able to tell which is short or long. 

Like in any other lesson, I recommend activities where children can actively observe and engage. 

Fun games such as “The Longest Line” is really engaging. It also fosters teamwork as each child needs to contribute an item so their team can end up with the longest line. 

Once the game is done, it is just so natural to compare lengths and learn about comparing words such as short, shorter, shortest, and long, longer, longest. 

How cool is that? In just one game (and with very little preparation), you can discuss everything there is to know about lengths. 

To follow up, I suggest some table work so your child can apply what he has learned but in a different setting and medium. 

When it comes to worksheets, it is very ideal if you could also target other skills such as improving fine motor skills through coloring and cutting. 

Just like the free printable included in this post- Cut and Paste Worksheets!

Below you’ll find the link to my free comparing lengths worksheets. 

These free printable come in two sets: colored and black and white. Just choose the set that fits your child’s needs. Anyway, these are easy to download and print as they come in PDF format. 

For the instruction, your child needs to cut the pictures at the bottom half of the page and then paste them in the boxes on the top half either from the shortest to longest or vice versa. 

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Free Comparing Lengths Worksheets

Teacher’s Note:

Fun games are great for introducing new topics. 

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