Big or Small Worksheets Free Printable

Big or Small Worksheets Free Printable

Are you looking for free preschool worksheets about sizes? Look no further… Here is The Teaching Aunt’s Big or Small Worksheets Free Printables!

Big or Small Worksheets Free Printable

Children learn about the concept of big and small quite early and easily. Mostly because they hear these words being used in conversations all the time. 

Aside from casually hearing these words, there are also a lot of other activities that you may do with your child.

Here are a couple of no-prep and fun activities to help teach your child about sizes:

  • Include it in your conversation every chance you get. It would be better if you have visual cues to support your description. Point to the object you are describing or put the objects side by side as you make comparisons. 
  • Play with toys of different sizes. Build big structures using small pieces. 
  • When you go to the grocery, compare different product sizes. Maybe get your child’s favorite cereal in all available sizes and let him compare. And then let him choose which size he wants to buy. 
  • Compare your adult stuff against your child’s things. Let him see what an adult-sized toothbrush is like compared to his cute cartoon-themed toothbrush. Or dress him up in adult clothes so he can have fun walking around in an oversized shirt. 
  • Have your child answer cute preschool worksheets about sizes. They may either use pencils or crayons. Whatever you think is more appropriate. 

There you go! Those are my recommended activities that you can do with your child at home. Soon your child will be comparing sizes left and right!

As for the worksheets, do check out the free printable in this post. 

Below you’ll find my free big or small worksheets in PDF format. I made two sets so you can have choices as to what you want your child to work on.

The first set is in black and white. The instruction is to color the big objects red and the small objects blue. This set is a combination of lessons on colors and sizes. So if your goal is to also review your child on these two topics, then this is the way to go. 

For the second set, your child will need to circle the big objects and box the small objects. This set also features colored pictures so they are more visually appealing. 

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Big or Small Worksheets Free Printable

Teacher’s Note:

Be purposeful in your descriptions while talking to your child. 

Provide visual cues if possible. 

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