Color Charts for Toddlers and Preschoolers Free Printable

Color Charts Free Printables

Today I’ll be sharing with you my nephew’s latest busy chart. πŸ™‚ I made this chart to help you teach your little ones about colors in a fun way. I hope you enjoy today’s freebie- COLOR CHART FREE PRINTABLE!

Color Chart- The Teaching Aunt Free Printable

Color Chart- The Teaching Aunt Free Printable

These past few weeks, Seb has two favorites. Colors and stickers! That is why my sister made color stickers for him. She put together objects of the same color and printed them on sticker papers. And it was a hit with my nephew!

He enjoys sticking them according to color. Or sometimes, he just sticks them anywhere he likes. :/

We were actually quite surprised that he already knows his colors. At least, most of the time. When he’s in the mood, he can correctly point to all primary (red, blue, yellow) and secondary (green, orange, purple) colors. πŸ˜€

Aside from this sticker activity, it also helps that Seb also does other activities to help him learn.

My sister would often play with him the “Bring Me” game. She would ask for a specific object and my nephew would hand her whatever it is that she’s asking for. Every time he does this, my sister would tell him the color of the object.

Since they do this activity repeatedly, Seb learned his colors. In this scenario, “Practice makes perfect” was proven true.

Color Chart for Toddlers
My nephew’s work. With McQueen and a mosquito patch. πŸ˜›

After seeing that my nephew learned through this very simple yet fun activity, I decided to make my own printables that can be enjoyed by every one. It is completely shareable because the clip arts were purchased and/or free. And as you can see on the picture above, toddlers can work on this chart.

Here are the two sets of Color Charts that you may download:

SET 1: Color Chart with Color Words

The Teaching Aunt Color Chart Set 1

This color chart comes in three pages. The first two pages show a chart with color words on top as the labels. The last page has the different colored clip arts that you may print on sticker papers.

The purpose of the color words is to help emergent readers to associate the colors with the words. This set is especially beneficial for preschoolers.

SET 2: Color Chart with Block Colors

This color chart also comes in three pages. But this time, the first two pages show a chart with color blocks on top as the labels. The last page has the different colored clip arts that you may print on sticker papers.

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Color Chart Free Printable

Color Chart with Color Words Free Printables

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  1. Thank you kindly. You are obviously not just an AMAZING teacher, but an AWESOME human being for sharing so generously. Stay Blessed.

  2. These are a great idea! My littlest one just turned two and he is starting to notice colours and said blue for the first time yesterday. These will be perfect for him!

  3. Those charts are so cool there. I definitely could have used this with my daughter such a long time ago. I know it would have been a great way to track progress. πŸ™‚

  4. Color charts look much more effective for little kids. My younger brother gets charts from magazines and they are never enough. Suppose a color chart would be great for him.

  5. Color chart is a creative way to teach kids about colors. How come I didn’t came up with this idea when I teach my nephew. Anyway, I am gonna share it for others to benefit from this free printable.

  6. Thanks for sharing these printables. I had no idea that bring me can be done with stickers too. I don’t know what with stickers that kids are fascinated about.

  7. How cute are these! I miss having toddlers in the family now everyone has grown up. I bet this printable will be great for preschool teachers to use as a resource too.

  8. Love the idea of Color Charts. It is very innovative thinking of fun and learning.Every Pre-Schooler should have your kit, that is what I feel.

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