CD Giraffe Art and Craft for Toddlers

We have a new addition to our animal CD art and craft! Today, we are featuring CD Giraffe Art and Craft for Toddlers!

CD Giraffe Art and Craft for Toddlers

Every time my nephew plays with his miniature toy lion, he always has another toy animal in tow- the giraffe! I guess even in toy land, sidekicks exist. 😛

Watching my nephew play, he always roars and does aggressive actions while playing with the lion. And then he’s more gentle and slow when playing with the toy giraffe.

I’m thinking that he’s influenced by the animal movies that he has seen. This just proves that what we expose our children to can really influence them on how they see the world. So we better be careful with what we let them watch during screen time.

Click here for parent-approved animal-themed movies. 

Since we already made a lion CD art and craft, we’ll now move on to the gentle giant, giraffe.

Materials Needed:

  • CD
  • yellow and orange paper cut-outs (brown would also be a good choice)
  • paste
  • drawings of eyes and mouth (googly eyes are also great)
  • paper cut-out for horns – or better known as ossicones

Materials for CD Giraffe Art and Craft


  1. Spread the paste all over the back of the CD
  2. Paste the yellow and orange coloured papers
  3. Stick the eyes and mouth
  4. Lastly, stick the horns (or ossicones) on top of the head
  5. Done!

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, it’s getting easier to make CD animal art and craft with my nephew. As of this writing, he has already done three other animal CDs.

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Now that Seb is familiar with the materials and directions, he can now work on his own. Prompts are no longer needed. We are very happy of his progress. His work may not be perfect, but he sure has developed into an independent little boy.

Seeing that Seb can already work on his own, we now focus on building his vocabulary. We do this by describing what he’s doing and talking about the animal that he’s making.

At the moment, our little boy isn’t talking clearly yet. At 1 year and 10 months, he mumbles, points at objects, and calls us by our names- Mama, Papa and Tata. He also tries to communicate with us with double syllables, like “ta-ta”, “ko-ko” and the like. With guidance from us, he can imitate words like “Bobot” (the name of our dog), “up” (when he wants us to pick him up) and other two-syllable words.

He can already identify a lot of objects around him, follow directions and do simple commands. He also enjoys different physical activities.

CD Giraffe Art and Craft- Funny Mouth

Our little boy is a joy to watch. 🙂 Everyday there is something that he can do better. And speaking is what we are all excited for him to do.

Clearly this is something that we want him to master next. That is why we are more intentional in talking to him while he’s doing other activities, including art and craft activities.

Teacher’s Advice:

Talk to your toddler while he/she is doing art and craft . Describing what’s happening  could help develop his/her vocabulary.

Is there an art and craft activity that your toddler has already mastered? Share your stories with me. <3

And at what age did your toddler learn to speak? I’m really curious. 🙂

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Art and Craft CD Giraffe

52 Responses

  1. Cute idea for fun making kids! The CD art is really adorable. Thanks to suggest me an idea to reuse my old CDs.

  2. Aaaw! Such a cute way to get a cute baby engaged! Kids can get all crafty and what better way is there that ensure they make some cute CD giraffe art and crafts?
    This is beautiful!

  3. I’ve never heard of this imaginative use for CDs. Sounds like a fun opportunity to bound with your child over creativity.

  4. my son and i tried the cd animals today. he was super excited with this and was making animal sounds and a lot of talk was going on

    1. That is also one of the reasons why I love doing art and craft with my nephew! The conversation that goes on as you work on the art helps children develop their communication skills. 👍🏼

    1. Hello, Mommy Sigrid! Yes, we do have other animal CD art and craft. So far, we’ve done lion, cow and octopus CD art. My nephew’s interest is mostly on animals so most of our art and crafts are about them. But I do have other CD-based crafts in store for my nephew. I hope you can drop by again in the future to see them. 😊

  5. This looks like a really fun activity for little ones! My boy loves giraffes right now. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Wow, such a great artwork activity for kids and by doing this it will help the child to develop their imagination and exercise their creativity. Thanks for sharing this I am sure my daughter will also love doing this art project.

    1. I think everyone has old CDs that they don’t use anymore. 😁 Great thing there are art and craft activities like this that can give those CDs another purpose. 📀

  7. This cd giraffe art seems easy and fun activity for the kid, I am excited for the day where I can see my baby do this also, but he is still 6 months old now so I’ll save this for future reference. Thank you for sharing this!

    1. I felt the same way when my nephew was still so small. I can’t wait for him to do all the fun activities that I have in mind. 😁 When your baby gets to toddler years, I hope he enjoys this activity, too.

  8. Oh my goodness, Nessy! This is just the CUTEST craft!! Your little guy is so adorable making this post even more fun! I can’t wait to do this with my kiddos! Take care!

    1. Me, too! No matter what age, we should not stop from being creative. 🦄 And it’s important that we introduce the love for the arts to children as early as toddler years. Because they will bring the creativity and skill until they’ve grown. 😊

  9. These animals look so easy to make! And look so great. I don’t have kids yet, but I bet children love them. 🙂

  10. What a fun craft to do at home with the kids. My kids are past this age, but it would be perfect for my sisters with their little ones. Thanks for sharing.

  11. They’re really easy to make. 😊 That’s why I love them. I still have a lot of CD animal art and craft for my nephew. 😁
    I honestly can’t wait for him to talk. But we make sure not to pressure him though.
    I’m really so excited! 😁 Thanks for sharing about your experience.

  12. These CD animals are so cute and look so easy to make! My toddler is almost 20 months old and her language skills are not great. She can understand both English and Spanish fine, and says a few words in each language, but not that many. Her favorite words are “done” and “go”

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