CD Animals Art and Craft for Toddlers

CD Animals Art and Craft for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Toddlers are more than capable of making art projects. That is why in this post, I will share with you 10 CD Animals Art and Craft for Toddlers.

CD Art and Craft for Toddlers ad Children

These art and craft project make use of CDs. Nowadays, these musical/recording tools of the 90s and early 2000 are rarely used as it’s now replaced with Ipods, MP3 players and USB.

With the availability of more modern devices, there’s a big chance that your CDs are now gathering dusts in your cabinets. Especially the pirated ones. Am I right? Or am I right? 😛

So before they finally head to the recycling station or the dumpsters, let’s make use of these round recording device one more time! But let me discuss first the benefits of this simple activity to your little ones.


  1. Boosts creativity and imagination
  2. Develops fine motor skills
  3. Promotes eye-hand coordination
  4. Promotes patience and perseverance
  5. Practices following simple directions
  6. Exposes children to different art materials
  7. Promotes language development by learning new vocabulary related to the arts and animals
  8. Great bonding time for parents and children
  9. Keeps children busy and productive thus less screen time
  10. Develops a sense of pride after creating a masterpiece

Whew! I bet you didn’t know that such a simple activity could pack tons of benefits. Or maybe you just needed a little reminder? 🙂

Since we’ve already established the advantages of this art and craft project for our tiny tots, let me now present to you the 10 CD animals art and craft for toddlers.

These 10 CD animals art and craft make use of similar materials:

  • CD
  • Colored papers
  • Paste
  • Drawing of eyes and mouth (googly eyes, if you have)
  • Drawings of extra parts (e.g. ossicones- giraffe horns, tail, fin, ears, etc…)

The procedure is pretty standard, too:

  • Just paste the different parts accordingly until you come up with the CD animal. Easy peasy!

10 CD Animals Art and Craft for Toddlers

  1. Lion CD Lion Art and Craft for Toddlers

  2. Giraffe CD Giraffe Art and Craft

  3. Octopus Cd Octopus Art and Craft for Toddlers

  4. Cow CD Cow Art and Craft for Toddlers

  5. Duck CD Duck Art and Craft for Toddlers

  6. Pig CD Pig Art and Craft for Toddlers

  7. Cat CD Cat Art and Craft for Toddlers

  8. Dog CD Dog Art and Craft for Toddlers

  9. Fish CD Fish Art and Craft

  10. Monkey CD Monkey Art and Craft

There you go! The 10 CD animals art and craft for toddlers!

My nephew has done 5 of these CD animals. So we’re already halfway through the list. Yipee!

Seb really enjoys these CD animals art and craft. And since he is already familiar with the materials and procedure, he can do it independently.

Yup! At 22 months, my nephew can already make CD animals on his own (provided that the materials are ready, of course!)

And I’m sure your toddlers can do it, too! Because it’s super simple.

Do try these CD animals art and craft today. And let me know your story in the comment box below.

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CD Animals Art and Craft Collection

CD Animals Art and Craft Collection

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