CD Cow: Art and Craft for Toddlers

Cow Art and Craft for Toddlers

It’s art and craft day again! Today, I’m featuring CD Cow Art and Craft for Toddlers!

Cow CD Art and Craft

My nephew’s knowledge of animals is growing. Before, he only has his attention on fierce and wild animals. Now, he also pays attention to the humble farm workers.

We already made a CD art and craft for the King of the Jungle- Lion! And the eight-tentacled sea creature- Octopus. Today, we will highlight the humble yet hardworking cow!

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Seb is taking interest in this dairy animal. He already knows the sound it makes and he sure is so cute whenever he makes its sound! MOOO!

We  make sure to sustain his interest by playing and singing the song “Old MacDonald Had A Farm.” And he always tries to sing along by making the moo-moo sound.

And to further develop his interest, we made the Cow CD art and craft.

Cow Art and Craft for Toddlers

Toy and Art- CD Cow Art and Craft

Materials Needed:

  • CD
  • black and white paper cut-outs
  • paste
  • drawing of eyes and mouth (googly eyes would also be good, if not better)

Materials Needed for Cow CD Art


  1. Spread the paste all over the back of the CD
  2. Paste the black and white papers
  3. Stick the eyes and mouth
  4. Done!

This is already my nephew’s third time to make an animal CD art and craft. That is why he can already do it with minimal guidance.

Because of repetition and constant exposure he has somehow mastered the skill! And that’s exactly what we’re aiming for. We want him to feel confident that he can do something independently. 🙂

We’re also not afraid anymore that he would take a taste of the paste. I guess by now he already knows that it isn’t food. 😀

As I’ve mentioned in my earlier posts, art and craft activities are beneficial for toddlers. Benefits include (and not limited to):

  • practice following simple directions
  • be exposed to and explore different art and craft materials
  • learn the concept of art and beauty
  • learn about colors
  • develop their fine motor skills

Toddler years is the perfect age to introduce art and craft activities. They may not be able to do it perfectly, but you can be 100% sure that they will learn a lot from it.

Teacher’s Advice:

It is good to repeat activities with toddlers. The repetition and constant exposure to an activity will help him/her master the skill.

You can sustain a child’s interest on almost anything when you connect it with an art and craft activity.

What art and craft activity do you keep on doing with your toddler? I’d like to hear your stories. 🙂

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