5 NO PREP Outdoor Activities for Toddlers Using Everyday Household Items

Top 5 NO PREP Toddler Activities- Outdoor Activities

Today I want to explore another set of household items that would be great for young children’s development. This time I will list down the Top 5 NO PREP Outdoor Activities for toddlers. 

Outdoor Activities for Toddlers

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We all know that a toddler is one big ball of energy. I’m certain. My nephew is definitely one!

He just never runs out of energy. He could play for hours! Unfortunately (for my sister and I), he doesn’t spend his hours doing only one thing.

He bounces from one activity to another. From one toy to another. Leaving a trail of destruction along the way. 😛

And as expected of a child his age, he also can’t be coop up in one place for so long. Since he learned how to walk and push doors open, he has expanded his world. 

He now enjoys exploring the world outside. He loves playing in the garden, at the garage and the backyard. 

From observing his ways, we noticed that he mostly enjoys using the household items the we, adults, normally use. 

He loves using the items the same way we use them. But he also enjoys exploring other ways of manipulating them. Some are totally genius, while some are not. Period. 

But seriously, we are happy when we see him exploring and experimenting on his own. It just means that his imagination and creativity are at work. We also know that this is his way of making sense of the world around him, and eventually he will learn through it. 🙂

Below I’ll share with you the different outdoor activities that I recommend. These activities use household items only and 100% NO PREP. You just give the item and the rest will take care of itself.

Top 5 NO PREP Outdoor Activities for Toddlers

NO PREP Outdoor Activities for Toddlers

1. Watering with Watering Can

Watering Can- No PREP Outdoor Activity for Toddlers

The humble watering can is great for what it’s intended to be- to water plants! And more!

Watering plants is a great activity for your child to develop his arm muscles! As he lifts the “heavy” watering can, he flexes his cute little biceps. This simple movement helps his overall body development.

In addition, watering plants is a wonderful jumping board for teaching about the importance of plants and water. As early as toddler years, we can already begin teaching them how to conserve water!

2. Scoop and Pour with Gardening Spade

Using Gardening Spade -NO PREP Outdoor Activity for Toddlers

The spade is another gardening item that may be used for scooping and pouring. Two proven favorites by toddlers!

As they scoop and pour dirt, they develop their fine motor skills and they get to practice their eye-hand coordination. I mean, they need to look where they are pouring, right?

And it’s an added bonus if they see an earthworm! It’s instant Science lesson about creepy crawlies!

3. Spraying with Spray Bottle

Water spray activity- NO PREP Outdoor Activity for Toddlers

As we’re still on gardening tools, let’s not forget the sprayer.

If the watering can is for the arms, the water spray is for the hands and fingers. Every time they put pressure on the lever, it strengthens their  finger muscles- muscles that are responsible for writing!

Imagine that. A pre-writing activity without using a pencil!

4. Squeeze a Sponge

Squeeze a sponge activity- NO PREP Outdoor Activity for Toddlers

Let’s head to the garage. In here, you’ll see the sponge used for cleaning the car. 

The sponge is also a versatile item that could help your child develop his fine motor skills. The squeezing movement is great for their cute little fingers!

It’s another pre-writing exercise!

Make sure that the sponge hasn’t been used with harsh chemicals before and you’re good to go. Or to be safer, just buy your toddler his own sponge. It will be worth it! 

5. Use a Water Dipper

Water dipper activity- NO PREP Outdoor Activity for Toddlers

Like the watering can, this item targets the whole arm. And fingers, too! Your toddler’s grip will be exercised here as he takes hold of the water dipper’s handle.

This is also another great item for scooping and pouring. You hand this to a child and I’m sure he’ll be busy in no time.

Top 5 Outdoor Activities for Toddlers with No Preparation Needed

So there you go! Those are the top 5 NO PREP outdoor activities for toddlers!

As promised, there’s no preparation involved in any of these activities- just plain using the items as intended. 

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Teacher’s Advice:

Get ready for your child to be wet and messy since these activities are done outdoor and involve the use of water.

If you’re concerned with the mess, maybe just have your child wear simple house clothes. Or better yet, incorporate these activities during bath time. Maybe even try, bathing outside for a change of bath time scenery! 🙂

And very important, set out the rule about the use of water. Limit the amount of water that your child can use. 

Introduce the lesson about conserving water right away. 

Are you already doing these activities with your toddler? Do you have other NO PREP outdoor activities for toddlers that I missed? Drop your comments below to share. 

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NO PREP Outdoor Activities for Toddlers

NO PREP Outdoor Activities for Toddlers
Outdoor Activities with NO PREP Needed
NO PREP Toddler Activities - Outdoor Activities

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  1. These are great ideas! I bet my daughter would love them all. I think the only thing we have on hand is the watering can though, and I’m not sure where it is as we now just use the hose!

  2. Spray bottles and watering cans are two of my boys’ favorite things to use outside! I remember when I was little my mom would let us use old kitchen utensils in the sandbox.

  3. My sister and I love NO PREP activities that’s why I wanna share this with everyone! I agree with you, sometimes we look for toys in the toy department when actually they are already available in our cupboards and cabinets. 😊

  4. I love this list! Sometimes its so easy to get wrapped up in buying toys that you can forget that toddlers like household items just as much. My toddler loves anything that involves pouring water.

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