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Animals-themed lessons are fun to teach, but it’s so broad that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. 

That’s why I highly recommend dividing this theme into four categories:

  • pet animals
  • farm animals
  • wild animals
  • sea animals

A week or two in each category is more than enough to discuss the topics and meet lesson goals.

In my previous post, I’ve given specific details on how to teach pet animals to children. 

This time let’s talk about our humble and hardworking farm animals.

farm animals flashcards pdf

How To Teach Farm Animals To Preschool Students

  1. Open the theme by asking the students what they eat for breakfast. Hopefully, someone answers eggs and milk! Follow up with questions about where eggs and milk come from. Get as many responses from the students as possible.
  2. Display pictures of farm animals in the classroom. Or ask the students to draw farm animals and use that as decorations.
  3. Read storybooks like Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown and Spot Goes to the Farm by Eric Hill.
  4. Watch videos about farm animals. 
  5. Visit a farm and try to do the following: 
    1. Interview a farmer
    2. Milk a cow
    3. Collect eggs from the coop
    4. Ride a horse
    5. Feed the ducks
  6. Work on farm-themed worksheets that target the following lesson goals: 
    1. matching animals and their young
    2. tracing and writing words
    3. counting 
    4. addition and subtraction problems

All of the tips mentioned on the list are proven effective. But I must say that my favorite one is going on a trip to the farm!

And yes, in my two decades of teaching, I have experienced all the farm activities on the list. 

Collecting eggs from the coop was scary because I thought the hens would attack me. But I had to look brave in front of my students so I mustered my courage and took an egg without screaming.

My bravery paid off! After my demonstration, all my students took turns getting an egg in the coop. 

Milking a cow was also an awesome experience. 

I really hope you get to try these farm activities with your students. It will help you reach your academic lesson goals and give you and your students a better appreciation of what goes on on a farm.

To end this post, let me remind you that you can download our free farm animals flashcards below.

These farm animal-themed flashcards come in A4 and 8.5″ x 11″ sizes. 

Just click on the link below to get your farm animals flashcards free printable pdf. 

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