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Download your FREE WILD ANIMALS FLASHCARDS from The Teaching Aunt as additional instructional material to your zoo animal-themed preschool lesson. 

We are now on the third installment of our free animals-themed flashcards series. Yay!

As I mentioned in my previous posts, the animal theme is so broad it should be divided into four categories:

  • pet animals
  • farm animals
  • wild animals
  • sea animals

Dividing the animal theme into categories ensures that all the topics and learning goals are achieved. 

And you guessed right! I will list down effective techniques on how to teach about zoo animals. 

Free Wild Animals Flashcards

How To Teach About Wild Animals To Preschool Students:

  1. Open the theme by watching a video about wild animals in their natural habitat. Drop vocabulary about animal movements like slither, climb, sprint, glide, etc. After the video, ask the students about their favorite wild animals. 
  2. During Physical Education, or outdoor games, encourage the students to copy how wild animals move. Have an animal movement relay. 
  3. Ask the students to bring a stuffed toy or picture of their favorite wild animal. 
  4. Display wild animals flashcards in the classroom. Or ask the children to draw wild animals and use them as decorations instead. 
  5. Work on wild animals-themed worksheets that target the following lesson objectives: 
    • animals and their young
    • tracing and writing words
    • counting animals
    • addition and subtraction problems
  6. Go on a field trip to the zoo.

I don’t know about your school, but our school has a planned field trip to the zoo every year. And even though the older preschool students have gone to the zoo a couple of times already, they still enjoy and look forward to it. 

It is really such a joy to be a child!

As usual, let’s end this post with a free preschool printable. 

Download our free wild animals flashcards below. Just click on the size you prefer- A4 or 8.5″ x 11″.

These zoo animals flashcards free printables are the perfect complement to your zoo animals-themed lessons. 

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