CD Lion: Art and Craft for Toddlers

Here is another simple and easy art and craft for toddlers: CD LION!

My nephew’s fascination for animals is growing day by day, and so does his toy animal collection and animal-themed movies.

Check this article to read about my sister’s recommended animal-themed movies. 

But among all the animals, he loves lions the best!

He knows what a lion looks like- be it real, cartoon or toys. He points at pictures of it whenever he sees one. And his imitation of a lion’s roar is on point. ROOAAAARRR!!!

That is why an art and craft of a lion is in order for our little cub-Seb.


Just like the CD Octopus art and craft, this activity also requires simple materials:

  • CD
  • yellow and orange art papers
  • paste
  • drawings of eyes and mouth (googly eyes would also be good, if not better)

The directions are equally easy. Toddlers won’t have a difficult time working on this independently.

First, paste the colored papers as the mane. And then stick the eyes and mouth. Voila! CD Lion!

Seb enjoyed this activity. Not surprisingly, he enjoyed playing with the paste more than making the CD Lion itself.

He took his time sniffing and spreading the paste on his fingers. I guess the texture of the paste really caught his attention.

My sister was extra attentive as he might try to take a taste, too! Thankfully, he didn’t. 🙂

Seb is giving his toy lion a “paste bath.”

Which gave me an idea. Next time, I’ll come up with an even safer alternative to paste. Rice paste, perhaps? I bet that one would also be taste-safe. 🙂

Adding art and craft activity to children’s routine is a  welcome learning opportunity. You can readily teach about colors in art activities such as this one.

This is also a great opportunity for children to practice following simple directions, use different art and craft materials and learn about the concept of art and beauty.

Can children below two years old make art and craft?


Toddlers will surely enjoy and learn a lot even from a simple art activity. And it would be ideal if you can relate the art activity with something that he already likes.

Just don’t expect a neat and museum-like masterpiece, after all they’re still in their diapers!

Teacher’s Advice:

Introduce art and craft activities related to your child’s interest.

Don’t be afraid to let your child play with the paste. The changing effect from wet to dry is a good learning experience for toddlers. It’s like a built-in sensorial activity!

CD Lion Art P2

CD Lion Art P1

I hope you’ll try this easy and simple art activity with your toddler. I promise that it will be a fun and educational experience for your little one.

And the cute artwork will be a good addition to your child’s memorabilia.

Is it just me or it’s really hard to throw away artwork done by a child?

If you have other easy art and craft activity, please do let me know by commenting. 🙂

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    1. I hope you enjoy making this one, too! One thing I like about this activity is it can be done by a toddler indepedently. 🙂 Just like the activities in your blog. Happy creating!

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