Free Matching Colors Worksheets

Free Matching Colors Worksheets

Test your child’s knowledge about colors through this preschool printable- Free Matching Colors Worksheets!

Free Matching Colors Worksheets

Teaching colors to children is fun. As a preschool teacher, I always look forward to designing lesson plans for this particular topic. 

And since I have been teaching for more than a decade now (I still can’t believe it!) I already have a couple of go-to activities. They are my favourites because they’re proven effective and fun!

Yup, there’s that word again. FUN! In preschool, it’s not worth doing if it’s not enjoyable. Remember, children learn best when they enjoying the activity and when they are fully engaged. 

That’s why you’ll see a lot of games and moving activities in my class. There’s also a dash of song and stories, because, hey, it’s preschool!

Before I share my favourite colour-themed activities, let me share with you first WHY we teach about colors. 

Why Study Colors?

People normally describe things in their surroundings based on colors and shapes. These two are the primary descriptors we use. Thus it follows that we should master our colors. 

Particularly for children, recognising colors help them identify and organise visual information in their young lives. It helps them create cognitive link between visual cues.

Since they are so young, they need as much foundational skills where they can link and anchor new knowledge. This help them further make sense of their experiences. 

How To Teach About Colors

1. Go on a nature walk

Let Mother Earth do the teaching. Look around you and really see your surroundings. Don’t just walk and point. 

Take this as an opportunity to talk to your child. Talk about colors. Describe things elaborately. Don’t be afraid to use other “technical” color words such as dark, lights, shades, etc… You may also use color words other than the basics like magenta, fuchsia, mustard yellow and the like. This practice will definitely help them build their vocabulary. 

2. Games!

Just get your child/ren moving and they’re off to a great learning experience. 

Games are perfect learning activities because they tap into children’s different learning styles. In one game, you could already have something for the visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, social and logical learners. Not bad, right?

These children games are my favorite:

– Touch the Color

– Hopscotch

– Relay

Just modify the rules so you can incorporate your lesson about colors. 

3. Songs and stories

The bread and butter of teachers. These learning tools were effective then and still hold true now. 

Colors Songs That I Love

Color Stories That I Recommend

  • Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do you See? By Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle
  • Mouse Paint by Ellen Still Walsh
  • Freight Train by Donald Crews

4. Watch color videos for kids

I highly recommend this preschool video because it introduces the color names using simple sentences. Plus it comes with a challenging quiz!

Bonus: Worksheets and Flashcards

After working on all the activities mentioned above, I balance my students’ learning with some table work. This is to check and review what they have learned so far. 

Again, worksheets and flashcards are just supplementary materials that should complement the fun and child-centered activities that you’ve designed. 

One or two a day wouldn’t hurt. 🙂

Click here for colors flashcards free printable. 

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Free Matching Colors Worksheets

Teacher’s Note:

Going on a nature walk is a great way to introduce colors to children. 

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