Free Count and Write Numbers Worksheets

Free Count and Write Numbers Worksheets

Improve your child’s number sense through these preschool math printable- Free Count and Write Numbers Worksheets!

Free Count and Write Numbers Worksheets

Following the topics on sizes, shapes, and lengths, most preschool curricula lead to in-depth lessons on number sense. Specifically on the following:

  • Rote count up to 20
  • Count objects with one-to-one correspondence
  • Recognize and identify numerals
  • Read and write numbers
  • Identify the number that comes before, after, or in-between

These learning objectives can easily be addressed through different hands-on activities such as:

  • Counting concrete objects
  • Displaying numeral flashcards on strategic places
  • Playing educational games
  • Reading number stories
  • Singing action songs about numbers

Aside from the techniques mentioned above, working on paper can also help children develop their number skills. 

To help with that, I will share these free math worksheets that I made a while back. These specifically target counting, writing numbers, displaying one-to-one correspondence and recognizing numerals. 

These preschool math worksheets are in PDF format and in two sets- colored and black and white.

For instruction, your child needs to count the objects and write the correct numeral. 

Each page comes with cute pictures that your preschooler can count. I’m sure they’ll love the colorful objects on the worksheets. Also, the black and white sheets may be colored if you choose to that to the instruction so that you may touch on improving your child’s fine motor skills. 

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Free Count and Write Numbers Worksheets

Teacher’s Note:

Counting actual objects and pictures on paper is an excellent way to improve your child’s number sense. 

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