Butterfly-Themed Letter Sequencing Worksheets

Butterfly-Themed Letter Sequencing Worksheets Free Printable from The Teaching Aunt

Here’s another forgotten treasure that I’d like to share with you this Freebie Friday: Butterfly-Themed Letter Sequencing Worksheets.

Butterfly-Themed Letter Sequencing Worksheets Free Printable from The Teaching Aunt

Okay, so I’m on a roll with organising my documents. And I’m just so happy to have stumbled upon this free printable that I made for my Teachers Pay Teachers account.

Back then, I went by the name MESSY THE NESSY. And my first WordPress blog name actually went by that title.

I am so proud of my first blog. I learned a lot from it and I also got to meet a lot of fantastic bloggers.

From there, I decided to focus on a niche, be more specific with my posts and have a target blog goal. And now, I’m THE TEACHING AUNT.

These butterfly-themed letter sequencing worksheets are one of the first free printable that I made. I remember that back then, I took me hours, evens days, to finish one printable. It was truly a labor of love.

I hope you’ll love these worksheets as much I do. And may it help your child learn the letters.

So without further ado, just click on the link below to download your free printable.

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