Letters Tracing Worksheets

Letters Tracing Worksheets Free

Have your child learn how to write the alphabet through these preschool worksheets- Free Letters Tracing Worksheets.

Letters Tracing Worksheets Free

Writing is not just about grabbing a pencil and drawing random lines or curves on paper. At least that is not what’s considered formal and proper writing. 

But all children go through that stage and it is and should be considered an accomplishment. 

Formally, there are 6 stages of writing, namely: beginning writing, early-emergent writing, emergent writing, transitional writing, and extended writing. 

These stages more or less coincide with your child’s level in terms of fine motor skills and cognitive skills. 

Good thing there are many ways to help your child improve his writing skills.

Here are my easy recommendations:

  1. Scribble away- Encourage your child to scribble using different materials. Let her experiment ways to draw lines and curves on paper. 
  2. Write together- Model writing to your child. Let her see how writing is done and notice how letters and numbers are formed. At this point, she doesn’t need to know what each letter or number is. Put more emphasis on the mechanical process of writing instead. 
  3. Praise your’s child’s writing- Her work may be totally alien to you and that is okay. Remember the effort she put into it. Be generous with your praises. 

You can also have your child work on some worksheets if you think she’s ready for it. Introduce it in a manner that your child will find fun and enjoyable. 

Here are a couple of writing/ tracing printable that you can try:

Shapes Tracing

Lines Tracing

Uppercase Letters

Lowercase Letters

Or you can download and print today’s free printable- Letter Tracing Worksheets in PDF format. 

Each page is divided into three sections: outline of featured uppercase and lowercase letter; a picture that represents the letter; and traceable uppercase and lowercase letters.

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Letters Tracing Worksheets Free

Teacher’s Note:

Take your child’s writing seriously. Praise her efforts. And encourage her to write more. 

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  1. These letter tracing worksheets look fun and really simple for learning. I will use them with my Nephew.

    1. Hello, Sarah! Thank you for leaving me a message. For your free printable, just click on the pink download button that you will find towards the end of this post. And the free letter tracing worksheets will be downloaded automatically. Happy learning! 🙂

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