Beginning Sounds Worksheets for Kindergarten PDF

Free Beginning Sounds Worksheets PDF

Develop your child’s phonemic awareness through these BEGINNING SOUNDS WORKSHEETS FOR KINDERGARTEN PDF from The Teaching Aunt!

Since you are reading this post, it’s safe to assume that your child has already mastered the alphabet. Specifically, your child can do the following:

  • identify the letters, both uppercase and lowercase
  • recognize and make letter sounds
  • write letters from Aa to Zz
  • give examples of words that begin with a specific letter

The next step for your child is to start learning how to read. 

Beginning Sounds Worksheets PDF Free Printable

But before you go full blast with teaching your child blending and whole-word reading, I highly suggest you start with isolating and saying the first or last sound in a word. 

Isolating beginning or last sounds can help your child in these ways:

  • develop the ability to hear and manipulate sounds in spoken words
  • prime your child for reading print
  • understand that letters in words are represented by sounds
  • increase confidence as they correctly identify letter sounds, making them ready and excited to read print

The list may be daunting that is why, The Teaching Aunt made these free beginning letter sounds worksheets to help you and your child.

These free preschool worksheets can help develop your child’s sound isolating skills and keep them on-task. 

How To Use The Beginning Sound Worksheets for Kindergarten PDF:

  1. Let your child to write his name on the space privded. Write the date, too (if able.)
  2. Ask your child to identify the picture.
  3. Repeat the word while putting emphasis on the beginning sound. 
  4. Then ask your child to identify the three letters at the bottom of the picture. Sound out the letters.
  5. Ask your child which letter matches the beginning sound of the picture.
  6. Color the correct answer.
  7. Repeat until all items are done. 

The instructions are clear, right? 

You may now download these free printables by clicking on the button below. 

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2 Responses

  1. Thanks a lot for all the free printable worksheets, wall cards, and flashcards.
    They all can help a lot. I will use them in my class.
    I am Mrs. Darlene D. Noble or “Teacher Darl” a Kindergarten teacher at Universidad de Sta. Isabel Naga City, Philippines. I am so happy to see your sight and grateful for your generosity. I have taught for almost 30 years and just like you, I am always so excited to meet my pupils on the first day of school. I am glad and hope to know you more and be your friend and exchange some of our experiences as kindergarten teachers. God Bless you.

    1. Thank you for leaving me a message. 🙂 It is so awesome to hear from a fellow kindergarten teacher. And yes, I would love to exchange stories about kindergarten life. Keep safe, Teacher Darl!

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