Read and Color CVC Words Worksheets

Read and Color CVC Words Worksheets

Give your little one more opportunities to read through these free CVC worksheets- Read and Color CVC Words Worksheets!

Read and Color CVC Words Worksheets

Now that your child can read CVC words, it’s time to level up their skills by checking their comprehension.

As I’ve discussed in my previous post, reading is not just about blending letter sounds and saying them out loud. reading should also involve understanding.

There are different ways to check for comprehension. The most straightforward one is by asking your child about what she has read. this is very effective because you get your child’s response right away and you can also do follow up questions easily.

Another way to check for understanding is by working on reading and drawing activities.

Click here for free read and draw CVC words worksheets. 

In this activity, your child will get to display her understanding by drawing pictures based on what she has read. I love the comprehension assessment tool above because it also targets children’s creativity and imagination.

This activity is also less stressful for children because they are not expected to vocalize their answers right away. This is especially true for children who are shy and reserved.

Today’s free kindergarten worksheet is also effective for checking comprehension.

But instead of answering questions or drawing, children display understanding by choosing the correct CVC word that matches the picture.

This reading assessment tool is also advisable for children who may be having a difficult time with face to face comprehension questions.

It is also advisable if you just want a quick, no fuss CVC words activity for your little one.

That’s it. Those are my top 3 simple ways to assess your early reader’s comprehension.

If you want a copy of today’s free preschool worksheets, just click on the link below. It’s in PDF format so it’s easy to download and print.

Or you can check out this -AM word family video first to help your child practice reading three-letter words.

-AM Word Family Video

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Read and Color CVC Words Worksheets

Teacher’s Note:

Check your child’s reading comprehension by asking questions about what she has read.

Or you may also ask her to work on easy and fun CVC words worksheets.

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    1. Hello! I checked the link and it’s working. Once you click the download button the worksheets will be instantly downloaded. Please check your downloads folder. 🙂 Hope this helps. Happy learning!

  1. Hello Teacher! I’m too grateful for teachers like you . That, you provide these materials for free. My kid has trouble focusing in academics but is active with circle time and activities. I hope these materials work during the ECQ. He can’t even stand a 5-minute discussion with me when doing his assignments. He’s already turning 6 years old yet he doesn’t recognize how the letters and numbers look like.

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