Free Colors Flashcards for Preschool

Free Colors Flashcards for Preschool from The Teaching Aunt

Help your child master the colors through this preschool printable set- Free Colors Flashcards for Preschool from The Teaching Aunt!

Identifying colors is a foundational lesson in preschool. And it’s relatively easy to teach and learn- given that all conditions are favourable (e.g. normal eye sight and no case of color blindness.)

A lot of times, my students come to preschool already knowing the names of the colors. And a number of them have already decided on a favourite.

Free Colors Flashcards for Preschool from The Teaching Aunt

One of the reasons why I love to teach this lesson is because it’s everywhere. We live in a colorful. It’s beautiful.

And if you’ve been to a kindergarten school you would notice right away how colorful everything is.

I bet you’ve seen a colorful bulletin board as you walked past the hallway. Or maybe noticed a rainbow-colored bench?

See what I mean?

But despite the actual school being colorful, I still make use of flashcards to help my students learn about colors.

And I don’t use them for drills.

Instead, I pair my colors flashcards with games and other fun activities so that I can make sure that my students are always engaged.

Click here for another set of colors flashcards from The Teaching Aunt.

My favorite games about colors are the following:

  1. Touch the Color- a classic game where students go running and touching colors based on what the “it” say.
  2. Corners Game- a straightforward game as colors flashcards would be posted on corners. And the students would need to guess the “it’s” favorite color by running on the corner that has that color.

There you go! Those are my go-to colors games. I hope you’ll give these games a try. And of course, remember to use The Teaching Aunt’s colors flashcards.

Aside from playing the games I mentioned above, I also have educational videos about colors as one of my tried and tested techniques. I especially like color videos for kids where they can have their review and quiz at the same time.

Just like this educational video from The Teaching Aunt. Learn about color names as they are each introduced using simple sentences. Then after watching the video, feel free to download your colors flashcards below. Just click on the link and you are good to go.

Color Video for Kids from The Teaching Aunt

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  1. Hello teaching aunt..i am so greatfull i came accross this page..your worksheets help me a lot in teaching my preschool child..and thank you also for your kindness in giving this for free..๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

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