IG Word Family Worksheets

IG Word Family Worksheets pdf

Grab these IG Word Family Worksheets crafted to help budding learners conquer CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words. Dive into letter tracing, unscrambling words, cut and paste tasks, picture matching, and word puzzles. Tailored for pre-k, preschool, and kindergarten, these CVC worksheets are also a great fit for homeschooling!

IG Word Family Worksheets Free Printables

Word Family IG Worksheets

Letter Tracing

Encourage children to trace letters to form -IG words such as “pig,” “big,” and “gig.” Emphasize correct letter formation and encourage them to sound out each letter as they write. This activity not only reinforces fine motor skills but also aids in phonemic awareness.

Cut and Paste Worksheets

IG Word Family Worksheet cut and paste

Invite children to cut out pictures representing -IG words and paste them beside the corresponding word. Guide them in identifying initial sounds and matching images to words like “rig” and “wig.” This tactile activity enhances word-picture association and fine motor skills.

Write the Words Worksheets

Provide opportunities for children to independently write IG words, utilizing guide lines to aid them as they write word. Encourage them to verbalize each sound as they write, reinforcing phonics knowledge and spelling proficiency.

Unscramble the Words

IG Word Family Worksheet scrambled letters

Engage children in unscrambling letters to form -IG words. Encourage them to identify the correct sequence of letters and sound out the resulting word. This activity promotes critical thinking and word decoding skills.

Find the -IG Words

Present children with a creative coloring worksheet where they identify and color -IG words among a mix of words. Guide them in recognizing words reinforcing word recognition and visual discrimination skills.

Matching Worksheets

Encourage children to match pictures to corresponding -IG words, connecting images to words like “wig” and “pig.” This activity strengthens visual discrimination skills and reinforces word-picture association, expanding vocabulary in the process.

Word Puzzles

Challenge young learners to piece together -IG word puzzles, arranging letters to form words like “big” and “pig.” Guide them in problem-solving and encourage them to sound out each word. This puzzle activity fosters critical thinking and reinforces word family concepts.

Teaching Tips for CVC Words:

  • Encourage active participation with hands-on activities involving manipulation of letters and sounds.
  • Use multisensory approaches, such as movement and tactile experiences, to enhance learning and retention.
  • Provide positive reinforcement and celebrate successes to motivate children and build confidence.

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CVC Words Worksheets

IG Word Family PDF

To further assist you in teaching your child how to read CVC words, here’s The Teaching Aunt’s literacy worksheets available for free download. These engaging worksheets come in A4 and 8.5 x 11 inches, offering a diverse array of activities to support early literacy development and foster a love for learning. Happy teaching!

The Teaching Aunt Terms and Conditions

In summary, -IG word family worksheets provide an invaluable chance for children to enhance their phonemic awareness, broaden their vocabulary, and cultivate crucial reading skills. By integrating these worksheets into your child’s educational path, you’re laying a strong foundation for their literacy growth and future success.

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