ET Word Family Worksheets

ET Word Family Worksheets PDF

Download these engaging ET Word Family Worksheets free printables designed to enhance your child’s phonemic awareness and reading skills. These phonics worksheets include tracing letters, unscramble letters, cut and paste worksheets, matching pictures, and puzzle words. Recommended for pre-k, preschool, and kindergarten. Perfect for homeschooling, too!

ET Word Family Worksheets Free Printables

-ET Family Words Worksheets

Hello, dear parents and teachers! As The Teaching Aunt, I’m excited to share with you some fantastic ET word family worksheets that will make learning fun and engaging for your preschoolers.

Teaching children about word families is a great way to help them develop their reading and spelling skills while building their vocabulary. In this article, I’ll introduce you to a variety of worksheets designed to help children learn words from the ET word family.

Word Family ET Worksheets

Word Puzzles

A puzzle activity where children piece together -ET word family words. This activity promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills while reinforcing word recognition.

Letter Tracing

This worksheet helps children practice tracing the letters of words from the ET word family, such as “jet,” “wet,” “pet,” and more.

Tracing letters is a great way for children to develop their fine motor skills and learn proper letter formation.

Picture Match

In this activity, children match pictures to words from the ET word family. For example, they’ll match a picture of a jet to the word “jet.” 

Matching pictures to words helps reinforce vocabulary and word recognition skills.

Word Scramble

ET word family worksheets scrambled words

Kids love a challenge, and this word scramble worksheet is perfect for that. They’ll unscramble letters to reveal words from the ET word family. 

Word scrambles help improve children’s problem-solving skills and reinforce spelling patterns.

Fill in the Missing Letters

ET word family worksheets missing beginning letter

This worksheet has incomplete words from the ET word family, and children need to fill in the missing letters to complete each word. 

Filling in missing letters helps children practice spelling and reinforces their understanding of word families.

Word Search Worksheets

Children will color only the words from the ET word family in this worksheet. This activity makes learning fun while helping children visually recognize word patterns. 

Coloring activities engage children’s creativity and make learning enjoyable.

Writing ET Words

These worksheets will help your child write ET words independently. These are also good to learn how to spell words as they read and write.

Cut and Paste Worksheet

ET word family worksheets cut and paste

In this hands-on activity, children cut out -ET word family words and paste them next to corresponding pictures. This activity promotes visual discrimination and reinforces word-picture associations.

ET Word Family PDF

Teaching children about word families like the ET word family is a crucial step in their literacy development. By using these engaging worksheets, you can help your preschoolers strengthen their reading, spelling, and vocabulary skills in a fun and interactive way. I hope you and your little ones enjoy these ET word family worksheets and have a blast learning together!

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These preschool printables come in A4 and 8.5 x 11 inches. Just click on the link of your preferred paper size and it will download automatically. 

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In conclusion, -AT word family worksheets offer a valuable opportunity for children to strengthen their phonemic awareness, expand their vocabulary, and develop essential reading skills. By incorporating these worksheets into your child’s learning journey, you are setting them up for success in their literacy development.

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