Free Preschool Classroom Rules Posters

Free Preschool Classroom Rules Posters from The Teaching Aunt

Get your free preschool classroom rules posters from The Teaching Aunt and have a wonderful school year ahead!

Classroom management is the backbone of a successful (and peaceful school year.)

In my almost two decades of teaching, I have proven time and again that when the classroom is unruly, then there’s hardly any learning taking place.

That’s why it’s very important to establish classroom rules as early as Day 1.

This task may be a bit daunting to new teachers or to anybody working with children. Some might think it’s not going to be fun for the children if they’re asked to follow a set of rules.

But it’s actually the opposite. When rules are clear, children enjoy the activities more.

Free Preschool Classroom Rules Posters from The Teaching Aunt

Reason Why You Should Have Classroom Rules

  1. Rules keep everyone safe. – Preschool-aged children are natural explorers. They tend to try out things without really thinking whether it is safe or not.

If you have class rules, most mishaps can be prevented.

Chances of someone falling off a window is slim because they know they’re supposed to sit while waiting, right?

2. Fights are prevented. – Preschool classrooms can easily turn into a battle arena at the blink of an eye if rules are not in place.

Fights about who gets to play with what is the norm.

But if you’ve already told everyone right from the beginning the order of the activities, then you wouldn’t have to waste so much time sorting out children’s concerns.

3. Peace is maintained.- Not only do classroom fight are prevented but you can also make sure that children are quiet and paying attention when they need to be.

Your classroom need not be a tomb of silence, but neither should it be a jungle! That’s why it’s important to establish the dos and don’ts- so the children will know which behaviors are acceptable and unacceptable.

4. Practice independence.- As teachers we might think that we should always be there for our children to support and guide them. And this is true- to a point.

I believe children should be given opportunities to do things on their own so they can develop their independence. Having rules as to where to put things or what to do when they’re finished with their tasks helps children to navigate things without asking for the teacher’s assistance gives them a sense of accomplishment.

5. Develop camaraderie- For some children, some tasks may be difficult to do on their own. But if you have a rule that says they have to help each other then it gives them an avenue to be of service to each other.

The Teaching Aunt’s Preschool Classroom Rules

I have a couple of classroom rules that I impose in the classroom.

If you have read my previous post, you will see a different set of rules.

Why two sets?

It’s because I base my rules depending on the class. Some classes need more specific set of rules. Others just need a general-type of rules.

So I encourage you to check your students and see what best fits them.

Also, don’t be afraid to change the rules in the middle of the school year, or whenever. If the rules that you originally have don’t work, change them.

Rules are there to be followed. Not just cute displays on the wall.

For this set of rules, I included the following:

  • Listen carefully
  • Always lend a helping hand
  • Be kind all the time
  • Use indoor voice in the classroom
  • Play safely
  • Sharing is caring
  • Do your best
  • Be on time
  • Clean up after yourself
  • Raise your hand before you talk

I hope these rules would also be applicable to your students. They are pretty standard so most probably you’ll be able to use them as well.

To further help you, I have included in this post my preschool classroom rules poster free printable.

These are colourful posters that you can print and laminate.

It is highly recommended that you post the posters on children’s eye level and in high traffic area.

As always, these free preschool posters are in PDF format so they’re easy to download and print.

Just click on the link below and you are good to go!

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