Days of the Week Flashcards PDF Free

Days of the Week Flashcards PDF Free from The Teaching Aunt

Help your child learn the names of days through these cute and colorful Days of the Week Flashcards PDF Free from the Teaching Aunt!

Every single day I ask my students this question: “What day is it today?”

And the quickness of their answer depends on how far along we are in the school year.

Understandably, in the first few weeks of school, my students are not that familiar with the different days. Some of them may know but are still having a difficult time differentiating the sound between Tuesday and Thursday.

While a couple are totally clueless.

And I’m okay with that because that’s what they are in preschool for. To learn useful vocabulary words in a fun and cooperative way.

Now you may ask how do I teach the days of the week to my students.

Well you are in luck because I’ll be sharing with you my tried and tested teaching techniques in this post.

Days of the Week Flashcards PDF Free from The Teaching Aunt

How To Teach the Days of the Week to Preschoolers

  1. Circle Time
    • Include the days of the week topic during circle time. This way you won’t need to have special or dedicated days just to teach this topic.
    • Your students will remember the names of the days better because they’ll be hearing them every day.
    • Plus it’s easier for them to learn the sequence because they’ll experience it firsthand as they notice you move the flashcards on the board accordingly.
  2. Sing songs
    • Make use of the variety of songs on this topic. Choose the ones with lively and upbeat tempo so children will be more motivated and excited to sing.
    • Action songs are highly recommended.
  3. Play games
    • Try the hopscotch days of the week version. My students love this version.
  4. Read ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’
    • Children just can’t help but love this classic story about a caterpillar that ate its way through the week until it became a beautiful caterpillar.
  5. Use cute flashcards
    • A lot of my students are visual learners and they really like when I use and display pretty flashcards in the classroom.
    • I also noticed that many of them are partial to pastel colors. That’s why I decided to make pastel-colored flashcards.
    • These preschool flashcards double as instructional materials and classroom decor.

Smart, right?

Now I want to share with you my latest version of days of the week flashcards.

Again, this version is simple and pastel-coloured. And it contains only words.

If you prefer flashcards with pictures, click on this link.

It is recommended that you print these free printable on high quality A4 sized paper and laminate them.

And that is it, just click on the link below to download your preschool flashcards set!

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