Free School Supplies Flashcards

Free School Supplies Flashcards

Do you need to review your students about school supplies? Or perhaps need labels for your materials in the classroom? Look no further. Help yourself to the Teaching Aunt’s free school supplies flashcards!

Free School Supplies Flashcards

Most of my students already know the names of stationeries by the time they enrolled in preschool. So I don’t need to explicitly instruct them about it.

However, since I encourage my students to clean up after themselves, I make sure that they know where things are supposed to be placed.

Hence the school supplies labels!

It’s intentional on my part to post big school materials labels around the classroom to help the students return everything in their right place.

This way they don’t need to keep asking me where to put what. All they need to do is look.

Smart, right?

Having this system has really helped me to focus on more important tasks like helping out a child who needs extra attentions. Or giving an advanced student more challenging work.

Also since my students don’t need to depend on me to do this task, they develop a sense of independence and responsibility.

We all know how valuable these two traits are!

Consequently, parents have been telling me that they’re happy because their children are also doing the practice at home.

They also tidy up after themselves without being told!


On a more recent note, I use these school materials flashcards to help my Japanese students learn new vocabulary words.

Since I’ve started on my journey as an ESL (English as Second Language) teacher, I’ve been using flashcards more frequently to introduce new words. And these preschool flashcards are what I use regularly.

Isn’t it amazing? Even though I’ve already changed my teaching area, I still get to use these flashcards.

Versatile, indeed!

And I hope that it will also be the same way with you.

As always, these free printable are in PDF format so they’re easy to download and print.

Just click on the link below and you are good to go.

Free School Supplies Flashcards

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