Free Family Members Worksheets for Preschool

Family Members Worksheets for Preschool Free Printable from The Teaching Aunt

Here are supplementary materials for your family-themed lessons- FREE FAMILY MEMBERS WORKSHEETS FOR PRESCHOOL.

In my previous posts, I have covered the lesson theme about family members. And I still have more free printable to share.

Free Printable Family Members Worksheets for Preschool from the Teaching Aunt

Family Flashcards Free Printable

Members of the Family Tracing and Writing Worksheets.

Coloring Pages about Members of the Family

As I’ve mentioned in my past articles, the lesson theme about family is one of my favorites. Mainly because of all the fun activities that I can incorporate in the lesson such as:

  • Family trips
  • House visit
  • Interview show with the grandparents
  • Snack time with siblings
  • Family Day

Apart from these activities, my students and I love this lesson theme because of all the cute materials that we get to use.

During our discussion about the different members of the family, we would have cute flashcards posted in the classroom to help them build their vocabulary words and sight words.

We also post family photos of all the students in class. I also include mine! Everyone enjoys looking at their classmates’ and teacher’s family photos!

Aside from photos and flashcards, we also have dolls for each member of the family. The dolls are great materials in the Drama Area. The students are really excited to play with the dolls and re-enact some scene from their home life.

I also include clothes and accessories that are particularly used by the different members of the family such as:

  • neck tie
  • apron
  • dress
  • polo shirt
  • uniform

And of course, other props are also included like:

  • tool kit
  • kitchen tools
  • reading glasses
  • cane

There’s something for everyone!

And since we are already on the topic of supplementary materials, I have included in this post some of the worksheets that we use in our lessons.

This free family members worksheet for preschool set includes the following:

  • Matching type worksheet
  • Write the missing letter
  • Word search
  • Family tree
  • Crossword Puzzle

I hope these free preschool worksheets get to help you and your child about the different family members.

These free printable are in PDF format so they’re easy to download and print.

Just choose the one that best suits your lesson objective and print.

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