Free Weather Flashcards for Preschool

Free Weather Flashcards for Preschool

Do you need free weather flashcards for your preschool classroom or your homeschool? Look no further. Here’s The Teaching Aunt’s Weather Flashcards Free Printable. 

Free Weather Flashcards for Preschool

I love circle time. I think it sets the right tone for my students to be ready for learning. 

Circle Time is any time that the whole class gathers together for a shared activity. It’s a fun time when children do things as a group. And it’s non-threatening because the activities are already a routine. 

Here are a couple of things that I include in our classroom circle time:

  1. Greetings- usually through a song.
  2. Attendance taking- sometimes we sing, other times we do it soldier-style. We mix things up so it will be more fun for the children.
  3. Check the weather- we use cute flashcards that we post on the wall. And halfway through the school year, we make a chart so that we can keep track of the weather for the week. 
  4. Check the date and day- my students love singing the Days of the Week song and the Months of the Year song. And they especially enjoy displaying the correct flashcards on the wall. 

Click here for free days of the week flashcards.

5. Review past lessons- we do a quick review of what we’ve learned. Sometimes we talk about the lesson from the day before, or from way back. This is a good way to check up on what they’ve retained and what needs to be worked on. 

Having circle time as part of your class schedule is beneficial. You can include so many learning objectives without breaking a sweat. 

And you can also make room for it in your homeschooling schedule. I’d say that you should include it as part of your day.

First off, it doesn’t take much effort nor materials. You just need your enthusiasm and a little bit of your singing voice, if you’re up for it. 

Also, this sets a positive mood for your child because you’ll be starting the day off with something easy and fun. 

Equally important, circle time can help your child build confidence as he/she more or less know what’s going to happen next because it has already become a fun routine. 

Now, for the free preschool flashcards included in this post- I love these weather flashcards for the following reasons:

  • They are cute. The pictures are bright, colorful, and straight forward. 
  • You can tell the weather based on the pictures.
  • Great classroom decor
  • Awesome material for circle time

How To Use the Weather Flashcards for Homeschool

  1. It is highly advised to print the flashcards in colors and laminate to prolong its use. We must make sure that the flashcards will survive our children’s “rough handling” of materials. Otherwise, we will find ourselves printing the same flashcards repeatedly. 
  2. Sing the weather song to signal your child that you will be talking about the weather next. Stick to simple and repetitive songs. 
  3. Ask your child about the weather. If possible, ask him to look outside the window or even go out to check. 
  4. Ask specific questions like; “What can we do on a sunny day?; “What can play on a rainy day?”; or “What do we wear when it’s snowy?” These will get your child to think and give reasons. 
  5. Display the appropriate weather flashcards where it can be seen easily. And when the weather changes within the day, replace it with a new weather card. Take this opportunity to explain to your child that the weather can change many times in a day. 

I hope the recommendations above will help you and your child in your homeschool adventure. 

Let’s now proceed to your free weather flashcards. Just click on the link and you are ready to go.

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Teacher’s Note:

Ask specific questions like; “What can we do on a sunny day?; “What can play on a rainy day?”; or “What do we wear when it’s snowy?” These will get your child to think and give reasons. 

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