Weather Flashcards Free Printable

Weather Flashcards Free Printable

Help your child learn about the weather through these colorful and cute WEATHER FLASHCARDS FREE PRINTABLE. 

Weather Flashcards Free Printable

Weather is a natural phenomenon that we experience every day. It is then practical that this lesson is introduced to them as early as preschool. 

The best thing about learning about this topic is you just need to go outside or even just look outside the window to show your child about the weather. It’s simple experiential learning. 

In case it’s new to you, experiential learning is the process of learning through experience, and is more specifically defined as “learning through reflection on doing” according to Wikipedia. 

My classroom is anchored on this learning methodology. I believe that children learn best when they’re immersed in the experience. Working with their hands and having their fences activated makes it easier for them to learn and master the topic. 

And the weather is one of those topics that can be easily experienced and learned. 

How To Teach About The Weather:

  1. Circle Time- every morning we gather together to talk about the weather. I ask a couple of students to go outside the classroom to check out the weather. While the rest of us stay inside and just look out the window.
  2. Weather Chart- still part of circle time, we keep a record of the weather for the whole week. We put pictures on the chart to represent the weather that day. 
  3. Songs and Games- these fun activities get the students moving as they learn more about sunny, rainy, cloudy, stormy, and snowy days. 
  4. Season or Weather Party- I love throwing a “learning party” for my students. It’s very enjoyable and believe it or not, easy to set up. Like for our “Sunny Day Party”, I asked the children to come to school in their swimsuits. And we enjoyed an hour of water play on the soccer field. And for our “Rainy Day Party”, the students geared up with their rain boots, coats, and umbrella. 

Again, you don’t need an elaborate nor complicated activity to teach children about the weather. Simple is always better. 

The important thing is they get to work with their hands, do some investigation on their own, socialize, and communicate with friends, and have fun. 

Now aside from working on hands-on activities, I also make use of other learning materials in the classroom. 

For me, having some visual cues in class is helpful especially for my visual learners. That’s why I came up with my own weather call cards which I’m going to share with you on this post for free. 

This free preschool flashcards set is all about the weather. These are colorful and cute pictures depicting each weather pattern. 

Although, this set is a level-up version from the one I posted previously. This set is more detailed as it also has pictures of children in different scenarios matching the appropriate weather. You can also see the children in the flashcards wearing suitable clothes. 

Click here for the free weather flashcards for preschool. 

Just based on the pictures, you can already discuss two specific topics in connection with the weather: the clothes we wear and the activities we enjoy. 

Awesome, right?!

Let’s now proceed to your free printable. These preschool flashcards come in PDF format so they’re easy to download and print. Just click on the link below and you are good to go!

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Teacher’s Note:

You don’t need an elaborate nor complicated activity to teach children about the weather. Simple is always better. 

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    With your kindness will be able to use it when I come back to school.

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