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Help your child learn about different vehicles through these TRANSPORTATION FLASHCARDS from The Teaching Aunt. 

It is so easy to travel nowadays, thanks to the advancement in transportation.

You can travel to the next city in under an hour by train or car. And you can visit your relatives and friends in other countries by hopping on an airplane. 

Or, if you prefer to explore neighboring countries by sea and relax at the same time, then the cruise ship is your transportation of choice. 

Children are well traveled in the recent decade because of the availability of different transportation. 

transportation flashcards pdf

My students are blessed because they have been to many countries at such a young age. It’s so fascinating to talk to them about their trips. Their perspectives are fresh and fun. 

Even though my students are familiar with most vehicles, they still get excited when we get to our transportation theme.

They couldn’t wait to share their stories about the vehicles that they own or have been on.

How To Teach About Transportation

I keep the activities engaging and child-centered to make the lesson fun.

Here are my favorite transportation-themed activities:

  1. Watch videos or movies about transportation, such as Planes and Cars. 
  2. D.I.Y Vehicles- using big boxes, ask your students to make their vehicles. Original designs are highly encouraged. 
  3. Work on transportation coloring pages.
  4. Sing songs about the theme, example, The Wheel on the Bus.
  5. Do storytelling.
  6. Visit a train station and get on it to go to the next station.
  7. Go on a field trip to a port or an airport. 
  8. Play transportation-themed games.
  9. Work on transportation-themed worksheets.
  10. Display transportation-themed wall cards in the classroom. 

Those are my tried and proven activities to teach about transportation. As mentioned in number 10, I display flashcards in the classroom to help my students remember the theme we are learning. 

I also use the preschool flashcards as instructional materials to help them read sight words. 

Transportation Flashcards

Here are the modes of transportation included in this set:

  • ambulance
  • bus
  • airplane
  • helicopter
  • taxi
  • train
  • truck
  • car
  • motorcycle
  • bicycle 
  • skateboard
  • sailboat
  • yacht
  • cruise ship

These transportation flashcards pdf are perfect for pre-k, preschool, kindergarten, and early grade-aged children.

To download your free printable, click on the link of your preferred paper size (A4 or 8.5 x 11 in.), and the preschool flashcards will download automatically. 

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