Transportation Coloring Pages

transportation coloring pages

Express your child’s creativity through these TRANSPORTATION COLORING PAGES from The Teaching Aunt. 

Learning about colors is one of the core lessons in preschool. It is up there together with the alphabet, numbers, and shapes. 

Because it is a fundamental topic, it is repeatedly taught and practiced throughout the school year. 

free transportation coloring pages

Free Transportation Coloring Worksheets

You may be wondering why we have to teach colors. Here are a couple of reasons why:

  • adds to children’s vocabulary
  • helps with safety (recognizing that red is for stop and green means go is a life-saving knowledge)
  • for creativity and aesthetics

Colors should not be taught in isolation.

Pairing two lessons make learning more effective. The more connections children make, the more they retain the information. 

This is the reason why I always include colors when I teach about transportation. Not only do they learn about different vehicles, but they also get to review colors. 

Car Coloring Pages

car coloring page

Another reason why I pair these lessons is that I want to help my students master the ability to describe their surroundings more accurately. 

Train Coloring Pages

train coloring page

It is life-saving to describe in detail what they’ve seen during an emergency, don’t you agree?

I have found that working on coloring pages helps with the mentioned learning objective. Plus, it’s fun!

Transportation Coloring Pages

Here are the modes of transportation included in this set:

  • ambulance
  • bus
  • airplane
  • helicopter
  • taxi
  • train
  • truck
  • car
  • motorcycle
  • bicycle 
  • skateboard
  • sailboat
  • yacht
  • cruise ship

Land Transportation Coloring Pages

Water Transportation Coloring Pages

These transportation coloring workbook pdf are perfect for pre-k, preschool, kindergarten, and early grade-aged children.

To download your free printable, click on the link of your preferred paper size (A4 or 8.5 x 11 in.), and the preschool coloring pages will download automatically. 

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Transportation Coloring Pages

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