Free Classroom Supply Labels for Preschool

Free Classroom Supply Labels for Preschool

Is it that time of the school year when you need to label your school supplies again? You’re in luck! Because I’ll be sharing with you my free classroom supply labels for preschool!

Free Classroom Supply Labels for Preschool

When parents and students visit my classroom for the first time, I always get tons of compliments for how everything is so organised and cute.

And the praises give me a lot of encouragement to continue keeping the classroom straightened out.

It is easy to keep the classroom clean and orderly when there are no students. But it’s a different matter when the school year is in full swing!

Getting hit by a tornado is one way of describing it. Or maybe surviving an onslaught of a level 5 hurricane best suits your classroom.

Eitherway, it’s a mess!

And if you’re like me- an organised freak, then you’ll understand when I say that it drives me crazy.

I just couldn’t tolerate when the books are mixed with art materials, and the art materials are mixed up with the gardening tools…

Sigh. Writing that paragraph was hard because it’s just so real. Ugh!

Thank goodness I’m already a seasoned teacher. Yeah! Over the years, I’ve accumulated a couple of tips and trick to help me keep an organized classroom that I’ll be sharing with you below.

How To Keep Your Preschool Classroom Organized:

  1. Label everything – And I mean everything. Make sure that you label everything in the classroom.

This helps so the students where everything goes. It’d be easy for you to tell the students where to put back the materials when things are labeled accordingly.

2. Involve the students- Students should feel pride in their classroom. This way they would know the importance of keeping their area clean.

Let’s face it, you don’t have the time and energy to clean up after 20++ kids. Picking up toys and segregating crayons from blocks is not a productive use of your time.

That’s why it’s essential that students be given the responsibility to clean up after themselves. They may not get it perfect but at least the toy blocks won’t stray far from its container.

Plus tidying up builds children’s character. It helps them develop a sense of independence and responsibility.

3. Have a clean-up crew- Each child in the class is expected to tidy up after themselves in my classroom.

But sometimes, a student or two would forget to put back the glue in its tray and I would be busy checking on something that I can’t remind them.

Hence, the clean-up crew! I assign a couple of students to be the clean-up crew so they can remind their classmates to tidy up or they can do it themselves, too.

There you go! I hope these tips will help keep your classroom organized.

And since we’re already in the topic of helping, I’ll share with you below my preschool classroom labels for free!

These labels are best printed on cardboard paper and then laminated so they can last the full school year.

Just click on the link below and you’re good to go!

By the way, these are in A4 size but you can change the size when you print it. You can choose to print 2 or 4 cards on one paper. Just adjust the setting of your printer accordingly.

Classroom Supply Labels Free Printable

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