Watermelon Art and Craft Activity

Watermelon Fan Art and Craft with Free Coloring Pages

Summer is in full swing! Let’s learn and have fun by making this WATERMELON ART AND CRAFT ACTIVITY!

Watermelon Art and Craft Activity for Preschool

Summer Art and Craft Ideas

We can definitely feel the heat here in Japan. Good thing there are a lot of cooling products in the market that we can buy.

Thank you, Japanese technology!

While (some or should I say many) adults may be dreading the heat and humidity, the children are reveling in the sunshine and fair weather that summer brings.

Swimming classes and/or parties are included in every child’s calendar.

And parents are busy going to the store to buy their children new swimsuits, goggles and swim caps.

Teachers on the other hand are excited to take their well deserved vacation.

I’m pretty confident that a lot of us would be sleeping in until noon and lounging around the house in our pajamas the whole day for a week. And then go out of town before school starts again.

But before we go on our vacation, let us work on this fun preschool activity.

This activity is perfect for teachers who are looking for something to work on with their students before summer break. And for parents who are looking for ways to keep their children busy and productive at home.

Watermelon Fan Art and Craft Activity for Preschool

Materials needed:

  • Paper plate
  • scissors
  • chopsticks or popsicle sticks
  • paint (green, red, white and black)


  1. Cut a portion of the paper plate so it would look like a sliced watermelon. But if you want a circle fan, leave the paper plate as is.
  2. Paint the paper plate.
  3. Tape the chopsticks or popsicle stick atthe back of the paper plate to serve as handle.

Easy peasy!

Now you can beat the heat with your cute watermelon fan!

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Of course, it’s not an authentic The Teaching Aunt post without a free printable!

Watermelon Coloring Page

Watermelon is such a pretty looking fruit that’s why my preschoolers like coloring and painting them.

I’m sure you’d love to have watermelon coloring pages in your classroom so here they are!

You can choose to print the one with picture only. Or if you want your child to practice writing, too, then I have the one with tracing lines.

These preschool materials come in PDF format so they’re easy to download and print.

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More Watermelon-Themed Printables:

Counting Seeds Worksheets

W is for Watermelon Paper Pasting Activity

Or just visit my Free Printable Page for more!

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