Free Classroom Rules Posters for Preschool

Free Classroom Rules Posters for Preschool from The Teaching Aunt

Classroom management can be difficult. But not if you have The Teaching Aunt’s free classroom rules posters for preschool!

One of the most challenging aspects of being a preschool teacher is classroom management.

And it is understandable because you’re dealing with really young children- as young as toddler-years!

Even something as simple as asking them to sit is next to impossible especially during the first few weeks of school.

Sometimes the cuter they are, the more handful they can be!

So what is the solution?

Well, it’s quite simple- have rules!

Rules are cool!

You might think that they are still too young to impose rules on, but actually it is the best time to start them to follow guidelines.

Free Classroom Rules Posters for Preschool

Why Should You Have Classroom Rules?

  1. Safety- Since we are dealing with young children who are naturally curious, it is our priority to keep them safe.

Personally, I don’t stress about whether they can draw straight lines and read four letter words on the fly. I’m more concerned that they go home without scratches on their faces.

2. Peace- Preschool-aged children are by nature chatty. They talk about anything and everything nonstop.

And I mean non-stop.

If we don’t take control of this behavior they would talk over you even during lesson time. And then no learning would take place.

So to have peace and quiet, it is good to remind children when they can chat and when to be quiet.

3. Attention- It is easy to pay everyone attention when the classroom doesn’t resemble a battle field.

When everything is organized you can easily give instructions, provide help and teach.

The Teaching Aunt’s Classroom Rules

My classroom rules are simple and short.

Mainly because I want the children to be able to memorize them easily.

Plus it’s a mouthful if you have long complicated rules. That’s why I limit my rules to just two words each.

Lastly, I connect my rules with body parts so the children can quickly follow because they know what exactly is expected of them.

Below are my awesome rules:

  1. Walking feet
  2. Helping hands
  3. Listening ears
  4. Looking eyes
  5. Quiet lips

As you can tell, they are very short and self-explanatory.

These 5 rules are the backbone of my classroom management system. They are applicable in most (if not all) situations.

In fact, they are not limited to classroom use.

Parents have reported to me that they have had success using these rules at home with their children.

Now for the fun part! I will be sharing with you the classroom rules poster that I use.

The preschool posters feature bright and colorful pictures that show the body parts that best match the rules.

Words are also added at the bottom to encourage children to read.

It is highly recommended that you print these class posters on cardboard papers and laminate them so you can use them for a long time.

Also, post them at children’s eye level and on a high traffic area so they can see them regularly.

As always, these free printables are in PDF format so they’re easy to download and print.

Just click on the link below and you are good to go.

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