Free Numbers Playdough Mats

Free Numbers Playdough Mats

Have fun learning the numbers through these preschool learning mats- Free Numbers Playdough Mats!

Free Numbers Play Dough Mats

Playdough is a preschool staple apart from crayons, pencils, and papers. Preschool experience is just not complete without this gooey goodness. 

Aside from the fun factor, playing with playdough has the following benefits:

  • Improves fine motor skills
  • Develops wrist and hand muscles
  • Fosters imagination and creativity
  • Practices self0 reflection
  • Encourages communication between children

Amazing, right?

It can also target a specific learning objective if you design the activity accordingly. 

Like in some themes, I ask my students to form figures based on our lesson. We’ve tried making play dough foods, vehicles, and animals. 

We’ve also tried forming alphabet doughs. My preschoolers got to learn the letters while “playing.”

Click here for free alphabet playdough mats. 

A few weeks ago, I designed an activity where my students can go play with playdough while learning about numbers. 

And I’m happy to share that it was a success. My students loved forming the numerals on their mats. They also had fun making dough balls as counters. 

Since it was proven effective in my class, I am now confident to share my math learning mats with you. 

Features of the Number Learning Mats

  • big outline of the numerals so children can have enough space to mold their doughs into
  • Cute monsters as visual counters
  • A ten frame so children can make or put their counters

How To Use The Numbers Mats

  1. Print on regular A4-sized paper or cardboard type. 
  2. Laminate. 
  3. Use as play dough mat. Have children use playdough or loose parts to form the numerals and make counters. 
  4. You may also use it to practice writing. Use whiteboard markers so your child can write on the mats repeatedly. 
  5. Post on the wall as classroom decor

Click here for numbers 1 to 20 wall cards

Or here for numbers 1 to 20 flashcards.

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Free Numbers Play Dough Mats

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