Counting Shapes Worksheets

Counting Shapes Worksheets Free Printable

Master counting and basic shapes through this preschool material- Counting Shapes Worksheets Free Printable!

Counting Shapes Worksheets Free Printable

Still in connection with previous posts, today’s free printable focuses on learning basic shapes. This worksheet set also builds on your child’s counting skills. So it’s a 2-in-1 instructional material which tackles two important skill sets: counting and shapes. 

We follow a thematic curriculum in our school- meaning we design our activities based on a specific theme. This is to ensure that children see the relationship among learning areas rather than tackling topics in isolation. 

Counting Shapes Worksheets Free Printable

Apart from being thematic, our curriculum is spiral in nature. Whatever children learn in the previous school year, they will still encounter the next year, but more challenging. This is practiced to achieve mastery. 

For example, in the case of basic shapes, that in itself can be a lesson theme. So as a teacher, I should come up with activities and materials with shapes as the central topic. 

Sample Basic Shapes Lesson Plan

Learning Area Objective/s Activities
Literacy Learn vocabulary words:
Circle, Triangle, Square, Rectangle, Oval, Heart, Diamond, Star
Watch educational videos
Math Recognize shapes
Match shapes
Count shapes
Counting and matching concrete objects Worksheets
Art Draw -Drawing, painting, stamping
Gross Motor Skills Recognize shapes
Demonstrate gross motor movements: hopping, jumping, walking
Play hopscotch
Go on a shapes hunt
Fine Motor Skills Draw
Form shapes using different materials
Music Recognize shape words Sing songs

Clearly, there are so many ways to teach shapes. And there are also numerous topics and skills that can be connected with it. We just need to be creative and resourceful. 

So for today’s preschool freebie, I have already combined counting and shapes in one worksheet to help your child master and review both topics at the same time. 

Counting Shapes Worksheets Free Printable

These shapes worksheets come in PDF format so it’s easy to download and print. You may also choose between the coloured or black and white sets. Choose whatever suits your child’s needs. 

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Counting Shapes Worksheets Free Printable

Teacher’s Note:

Design activities and materials where your child can learn topics in connection with other learning areas. 

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