Shapes and Patterns Worksheets

Shapes and Patterns Worksheets

Boost your child’s knowledge about shapes and patterns through this preschool printable- Shapes and Patterns Worksheets Free Printable!

Shapes and Patterns Worksheets

Here’s an additional preschool freebie to the shapes worksheets series. In this free printable, The Teaching Aunt combined two important topics- shapes and patterns. 

Why Study Shapes?

Learning about basic shapes aids children identify and organise visual information. It helps them process what they see and make better connections thus leading to higher retention of new information.

It also helps children make sense of other signs and symbols.

Shapes and Patterns Worksheets

Why Study Patterns?

Patterns are arrangement of things that repeat in a logical way. Patterns may be found in the arrangements of colors, shapes, gestures, images, sounds and numbers. It is everywhere! Thus it’s important to learn this skill. 

In addition, knowledge about patterns help children make predictions as to what comes next and develop reasoning skills. 

Since shapes and patterns are equally important, it’s therefore clearer why these two topics must be combined. 

So for today’s preschool freebie, I have already put together shapes and patterns in one worksheet to help your child master both topics at the same time. 

These shapes worksheets come in PDF format so it’s easy to download and print. You may also choose between the coloured and black and white sets. Choose whatever suits your child’s needs. 

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Shapes and Patterns Worksheets

Teacher’s Note:

Introduce/ teach related topics together if possible to maximize learning. 

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  1. These shapes and patterns worksheets will pair nicely with the blocks I got for my nephews. Thank you for these. Teaching Aunt

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