Matching Shapes Worksheets

Free Matching Shapes Worksheets

Further your child’s knowledge of basic shapes through this wonderful instructional material- Matching Shapes Worksheets Free Printable!

Free Matching Shapes Worksheets

Most (if not all) preschool curriculum introduce basic shapes at the beginning of the school year. It would then build on other foundational topics such as letters and numbers. 

It is then important that children have a positive experience learning about circle, triangle, square, rectangle, oval, diamond, heart and star. 

As a preschool teacher, I always get excited designing activities for this topic. There are just so many fun ways to learn about shapes!

How To Teach About Shapes

  1. Display shapes flashcards. Constant exposure is key.
  2. Play hopscotch using shapes
  3. Go on a shapes hunt. Explore your house/ school for basic shapes.
  4. Creat and make. Paint, draw, stamp, build and mold shapes using different art materials.
  5. Watch videos and do storytelling.

After you’ve done some or even all of the activities above, I recommend supplementing your child’s learning with some pen and paper work. 

One or two worksheets a day wouldn’t hurt. And if the worksheet is as cute as what I’m giving away today for free, I’m pretty sure your child will enjoy it.

These basic shapes matching worksheets come in PDF format so it’s easy to download and print. In addition, you can choose from colored, black and white or a combination of both. Choose the copy that suits your child’s needs. 

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Free Matching Shapes Worksheets

Teacher’s Note:

Worksheets are good supplement to your child’s learning. But make sure to do fun and creative activities first. 

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