Cut and Match Shapes Worksheets

Cut and Match Shapes Worksheets Free Printable

Level up your child’s knowledge about shapes through this free printable- Cut and Match Shapes Worksheets!

Cut and Match Shapes Worksheets Free Printable

Learning about basic shapes is one of the foundations of preschool curriculum. That’s why I think it’s important that The Teaching Aunt has free printable on this topic.

Knowledge about shapes helps in the following areas:

  • Helps children identify and organize visual information (e.g. make connections between uppercase letter A and a triangle or zero and an oval because they share some semblance)
  • Aids children to make sense and understand other signs and symbols (e.g. circle – go, cross – stop, heart – love)

Since this topic is fundamental to preschool learning, it must be taught and introduced in a fun manner (just like all other preschool lessons!) As we already know that children learn well when they are having fun.

Personally, I like introducing basic shapes through games, videos and storytelling. The more interactive, the better.

I also make sure that I incorporate other objectives to maximize learning. 

In the case of this post’s preschool freebie, it covers more than just mastering basic shapes. 

This shapes worksheet set target the following learning objectives:

  • Learn and master basic shapes
  • Match according to size and shape
  • Develop fine motor skills through cutting

Click here for shapes tracing worksheets free printable.

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Cut and Match Shapes Worksheets Free Printable

Teacher’s Note:

Maximize your child’s learning by connecting related topics or objectives to your lessons. 

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