D is for Dinosaur Art and Craft

D is for Dinosaur Art and Craft

Have fun and learn through this dynamite kindergarten activity- D is for Dinosaur Art and Craft Activity!

D is for Dinosaur Art and Craft

Dinosaurs have been extinct for millions (or thousands?) of years and yet they still capture the interest of our little ones.

And my nephew is no different.

Seb loves his dinosaur toys. The he plays with them, it is a totally 4D experience. One second, he’s belting a ferocious roar, then he’s off to knocking all his other toys with his T-Rex foot!

There were also numerous times when he bathe with his dinosaur toys. 

Clearly, his interest is piqued by these giant creatures of the past. 

Knowing this, I (as The Teaching Aunt) thought it’s time to introduce an art activity that I’m sure he would love- D is for Dinosaur Craft.

This activity is so easy to do. You just need to prepare the parts and make a sample that your child can copy.

Or to make it challenging, you can let your child do the cutting. 

Either way, your child will definitely benefit from this cute dinosaur art. 

Here are a few benefits of this alphabet craft:

  • Helps your child master the letter D through a visual cue (image of a dinosaur) and an auditory cue (beginning sound of the word dinosaur).
  • Develops fine motor skills
  • Fosters creativity and imagination

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D is for Dinosaur Art and Craft


D is for Dinosaur Art and Craft
  • green art paper
  • Pink art paper
  • Black art paper
  • White art paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencil


D is for Dinosaur Art and Craft
  1. Draw and cut an outline of the letter D on green art paper. 
  2. Cut out different pieces to complete the dinosaur art (eyes, feet, scales, head)
  3. Glue the parts together

Teacher’s Note:

Tap on your child’s interest.

Create activities based on the things he likes so he’ll be excited to work on them. 

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D is for Dinosaur Art and Craft

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