T is for Train Art and Craft

T is for Train Art and Craft

Your little one will totally master the letter T through this truly terrific preschool art- T is for Train Art and Craft Activity!

T is for Train Art and Craft

All my students come to school in cars. And I’m guessing they go around town by car all the time. 

It was then such an adventure when our vice-principal arranged for a train ride for all preschool. Everyone was jut so excited.

And when I took a classroom poll, I found out that 90% of my students have not gotten on a train before. No wonder they were so excited!

So the days leading to the train ride, I made sure to give them lots of information about trains. We read storybooks. Sang song about trains. Made train art. Arranged the dramatic play area into a train cabin.

It was a lot fo fun!

On the day of our train trip, my students couldn’t hide their smiles. They found every single detail magical. Especially the part when they had to insert the ticket into the slot. 

Indeed, it was such a memorable trip!

Since the students were still on a “train high” we continued working on train-themed art and activities. One of which is the alphabet art- T is for Train craft.

This letter/ transportation art targets the following learning objectives:

  • Master the letter T through a visual cue (image of a train) and an auditory cue (beginning sound of the word train)
  • Develop fine motor skills
  • Encourage creativity and imagination

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T is for Train Art and Craft


  • brown art paper
  • Black art paper
  • Colourful art paper
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Glue


  1. Draw and cut an outline of the letter T on a brown or grey paper. 
  2. Cut out pieces for train cabins and rails. 
  3. Glue the pieces together. 

Teacher’s Note: 

Children are amazed by different modes of transportation. Take advantage of their curiosity. Get on the bus, train, boat or other transportation that they don’t normally ride. 

Click here for another version of T is for Train Art.

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T is for Train Art and Craft

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