Free Personalized Name Labels for School

Free Name Label for School Supplies from The Teaching Aunt

Download these Free Personalized Name Labels for School from The Teaching Aunt and start the new school year right!

The new school year is just around the corner. And I can literally smell it in the air.

Or maybve it’s just in our household as my nephew has just gotten his brand new books and pristine school uniform that’s hot-off the store.

Free Name Label for School Supplies from The Teaching Aunt

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As I child, I always looked forward to the start of the school year. Simply because it means shopping time for my family. 

My sister and I were so excited to the days leading to the opening of classes. Our ears were literally on the ground while waiting for our parents to say, “Dress up. We’re going to the bookstore.”

Woohoo! Music to our ears!

And when we got to the bookstore, we went down every aisle to buy everything that we needed… and some that we just liked.

In our little children’s eyes, the bookstore was a magical place where thousands of fun school materials are sold. 

Who would have thought that choosing pencils and pens is a life-changing decision?

How about for notebooks? Should I go for the ones with super white paper? Or maybe the glossy ones would make my penmanship look better?

Let’s not forget the bag!

Should I buy the black bag so it won’t be noticeable when it gets dirty? Or the pink one with glitters? Maybe the practical buy would be the brown bag with lots of pockets?

Shopping for school materials was truly one of my best childhood memories. 

After buying all our school materials, the next step would be to label each one of them to make sure they don’t get lost or get mixed up with our classmates’ stuff.

You know how that is right? Your child goes to school with 5 freshly sharpened pencils and then he goes home with just one and it’s not even his!

Back then our mom just manually wrote our names on our school supplies with a marker. 

No fuss!

But now there are more stylish ways to label our children’s school supplies. with the technology that are available now, it’s so easy to print off stuff from the internet.

The question is- Where can you find good quality printable for free?

Well, I think we all know the answer to that:

Since we’re already on the topic of free high quality printable, let me share with you my free editable labels for school supplies. 

These personalized name labels come in 3 cute designs: simple black tag, school bus and school design. 

Your child’s belongings will easily be recognizable with these editable name labels. 

All you need are sticker papers and printer. That’s it!

Just write or type your child’s nameon the space provided. 

I highly recommend that you use high quality sticker papers and ink-saving printer to print your back to school name labels. 

These premium printable sticker papers in particular helps you create water resistant labels with vibrant colors. 

Of course, you would also need a reliable ink-saving for this. Canon Pixma printer has been my go-to because I’m assured that I can print colored materials without spending tons on ink. 

If you already have these supplies, it’s now time to download these cute name labels for your child’s school materials.

Just click on the link below and you are good to go! 

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